What's been happening here...

On Friday, the local firefighters were guests at the library for story time. Landon was sure he had to wear his firefighter outfit to story time. I must say he looked mighty cute! Landon was so excited he could hardly contain himself. As we are descending the stairs, I proceed to fall off the steps with Mauryn and library books in tow! So embarrassing! Once we got to the story area, Landon turned quite shy. He stayed to the back and wanted to be right next to me. He wasn't at all interested in being close to the firefighters. Landon is a very loud and outgoing boy, so this surprised me. I think he is unsure in different situations, but once he warms up then his personality really comes out. I know he really listened to the firefighters because he has been practicing stop, drop, and roll all weekend. He is very interested in going to the fire station to see where they sleep and see the fire trucks. We had some friends who joined us for story time, I think that was as exciting for Landon as the firefighters.

Mauryn realized she could reach the piano keys this weekend. She likes to play the piano and dance to her own music.

Some neighbors invited Morgan and Landon over to paint pumpkins on Saturday afternoon. I am not sure if Landon had more paint on him or on his pumpkin. The highlight for Landon was getting into the frosting and sprinkles for the cookies.

The big news of the weekend is: Mauryn is done nursing :o( She was down to nursing just in the evenings and she hasn't been that interested in it lately. I finally decided it was time to be done. It has been an easy transition, she doesn't even seem to miss it. She hasn't been falling asleep at that night nursing for quite a while so she was used to putting herself to sleep. I have mixed feelings about it. I am sad because it means my baby is growing up but I am glad to have the time back. I don't know if that makes sense but it is a bittersweet time, especially knowing she is probably our last baby. Now that I am done nursing, I was able to pack up the breast pump and bottles - I now have almost an entire cupboard open in my kitchen :o) I also worked on rearranging our bedroom and Mauryn's bedroom. It felt good to get some things off my to do list. How was your weekend?


Denise said...

Mostly a lazy weekend here-yeah!
Mauryn at the piano so cute.
My piano teacher would like to see me at the piano (i never practice).
Do you play?

Kristen said...

I used to play and unfortunately I haven't kept up on it. The piano in the photo is the piano I learned to play on, my parents graciously gave it to us. My goal is to get the piano tuned (it is in dire need) and then when Morgan starts lessons I would love to get into again, just so I can read easy music, etc.. I love lazy weekends :o)