The Joe's Crab Shack Experience

To celebrate Lance's birthday, we went out for dinner to Joe's Crab Shack with our neighbors. Lance and Pat (our neighbor) enjoyed their big buckets of crab legs. The highlight of the night for the kids was watching Lance dance around since it was his birthday. I have a video clip of it but I can not get it to load (UGH!) and I have tried a number of times (maybe I will try again later today). When the hostess was seating us I mentioned it was Lance's birthday. As we were having dinner there were a few other birthday people in the restaurant who were having to do silly things. Morgan really wanted her dad to have to do something. When dessert arrived for the kids, Morgan told the waiter it was her dad's birthday. He came back out and had Lance hold a salt shaker in one hand and a pepper shaker in his other had and then he was supposed to shake everything but the salt and pepper shakers. I must say he was a very good sport and he made the kids' entire night!
A family photo
Lance enjoying his crab legs!
Landon's YUMMY dessert - he was so kind to share!
OH this is so yummy!


lindsey cheney said...

happy birthday cousin lance! and kristen, i LOVE your haircut - so cute! great family pic!

Denise said...

did the waiters and waitresses all dance at Joe's Crab Shack!?
i always like a little boogie'n with my meal.

Denise said...

Oh and i love the hair cut- you should def. be popeye and olive-oil with that new do.
my emilie (8) has the same outfit your daughter has on (gymboree?- a grammi gift)

Kristen said...

Denise - yes Morgan's outfit is from Gymboree - also a grandma gift. They must have grandma's that think and shop alike :o)