Summer Bucket List

last year was our first year creating a summer bucket list
the kids loved it so much we created a list again this year
some ideas are the same... the favorites
some are new ideas to our list just to shake things up a bit

the bucket list is great for me
it helps me have go to ideas for the kids 
it gets us out the door doing a variety of things throughout the summer

our list this year:
{anythings we have completed will be in bold}
- roaring springs water park {often}

- hike at deer flat nature to eagle nesting station
- go to celebration park
- sonic happy hour

- summer reading BINGO
- $1 movies
- bowling

- make donuts
- go to the rodeo
- go to settlers park
- make paper
- go to eagle island state park
{we changed our minds and went to sandy point beach instead}

- flashlight tag
- go to the zoo
- ride bikes to chevron and buy a treat

- popcorn/movie/game/pajama day
-make ice cream
- play hopscotch
- go to uswirl
- go to kicks for christ vbs
-library summer reading program
- make bubbles
- make chalk
- bleach t shirts
- campout with dad
- glow in the dark slime
- play use your noodle
- make sponge balls
- paint hot rocks
- do an ABC walk downtown
- go to the farmers market
- play balloon ping pong
- bubble painting
- make jello roll ups
- swimming lessons
- lemonade stand
- play jacks
- make pretzels
- make 2L bottle sprinkler
- movie night at settlers park
- make water balloon pinatas
- ranch trip

phew... we've knocked off quite a few things but with only two weeks until school starts we've still got a few things to cross off our list. even though we start school early, i usually keep our list up until the beginning of september so we've got a little more time to finish our list.

what was on your summer bucket list??
if you have a bucket list, what's been your favorite activity this summer?


anyone else having a crazy busy summer?

i haven't visited this here blog in MONTHS!
i haven't read blog posts in MONTHS!

i've been reading... but its been books instead of blogs.
reading books is good for my soul.
my summer reading list is quite long.
i've been making good progress but about the time i finish a book i find another one to add to my list. 
oh so many books and so little time!

we've been working our way through our summer bucket list. 
its been a fun summer but a very busy summer

our list is crazy long 
but i have a child who if not given a task for a day will create their own task and well that will usually get them in trouble
i was working on being proactive and keeping that child busy
its definitely helped

by being so busy we've been in maintenance mode around our house
its been a challenge for me to let things go and basically just keep things running
by letting things go its been a better summer for my kids
i have had to take a lot of deep breaths and carry on because memories with my kids are more important than a well thought out meal plan or sparkling clean house {its hard for me to even type that!}
maintaining has meant:
simple meals
15 minute quick tidy every night
staying on top of laundry {love mostly towel and suit loads...that's easy}
vacuuming a few times a week

school is just around the corner for us... we start back two weeks from today
our summer has flown by
i've survived in maintenance mode
its been one of our best summers yet

how do you find balance in the summer?