SIdewalk Painting

We are in the midst of a cool down.

Temperatures are in the low 90's.  Yee- haw!

So taking advantage of the cooler temperatures and our shaded backyard, I made some sidewalk paint and let the kids get creative and messy on the patio.

Household items to make paint + paint brushes = an hour of laughs, smiles, and spending time together.

1/4 c cornstartch
1/4 c water
food coloring
* tip: the only food coloring i had was the wilton food coloring i use for decorating cookies/cakes.  let's just say our patio looks like a died easter egg right now. i am hoping it wears away.  use regular food coloring. i think your sidewalks/driveways/patios will fair better. and it won't stress your husband out.


Lance's 1st Triathlon

Last winter, three of Lance's partners competed in an indoor triathlon.  As he watched the competition, you could see the sense of regret in his eyes that he did not train and compete with them.  After that day he committed to training for an olympic distance triathlon.  

Two weeks ago, Lance competed in his first triathlon.  He did an amazing job. The kids and I had a great time watching the race and cheering the competitors on at each stage.

bikes lined up at the swim to bike transition
getting ready for the bike
bike to run transition
the kids cheering on the runners and waiting for lance to finish
the homestretch
finish time

Our New Addition

Meet Harley.  A 10 month old golden retriever we rescued from the Humane Society.  He is so sweet, calm, and loveable.  We are all pretty taken with this handsome boy. 


Backyard Bonfire

Over the past four years, we have seen a lot of this:
So we decided to do this to the fence between our yards :
We have the swing set and they have the fire pit:
The other night we collected supplies:
(if you have never tried a s'more with a twix - do it. you will never go back)

Lance and his buddy Coop
the kids roasting marsmallows
Landon figured out how to roast the marshmallows without having to hold the stick
the kids hanging out in the hammock at the end of a very fun evening



This picture says it all.

We are exhausted.

Our summer has been a whirlwind of camps, swimming lessons, and activities.

This week we don't have anything extra on the calendar.

I am so excited.  

I am going to finally tackle some of my summer to do list.

I am going to catch up on reading blogs and getting posts up on my blog that are long overdue.

I am going to enjoy non scheduled days with my kids filled with laughter, popsicles, and running through the sprinkler.

I am going to relax and read a book.

I am hoping this week finally feels like the "lazy days of summer"

What to look for:
* the story behind the trip to bass lake (i know i know its been 2 months but i want to finish the post i started)
* our first trip to the drive in
* backyard bonfires
* lance's first triathlon
* sewing projects
* our trip to montana for the 4th of july


Good Bye Old Friend

Teagen you were a:

* face licker
* tail wagger
* unconditional love giver
* walk taker
* protector
* step ladder
* pillow
* lap sitter
* cookie stealer
* crumb eater
* tear wiper
* laugh inducer
       * ball fetcher
Teagen you have been a faithful companion and loving pet to our family for eleven years.  You were the type of dog that even people who didn't like dogs, loved you.  You were gentle, patient, loyal, and loving.  There will not be another dog like you.  You will have a place in our hearts forever.  We will miss you!