Halloween 2011

our halloween this year was unusual.

it was chilly.
the chilliest and windiest halloween we've had since we moved here.

since halloween fell on a monday night, mauryn had her dance class.
she could have missed class but our little dancer did not want to miss class.
i took her to dance.
she was the only one who showed up.
i wasn't really surprised.
she got to wear her costume, have her teachers attention all to herself, and practice her christmas dance.
she was in her element.

usually we walk the neighborhood with our neighbors and some of our friends.
but this year with mauryn's dance class falling in the midst of prime time trick or treating we allowed 
morgan to go trick or treat with a friend in her neighborhood,

and landon to trunk or treating with a neighbor.

i was left with only this little lady to take trick or treating.

i was a little sad that my kids weren't together to trick or treat.
especially these two who are best buds.
this year, its how things worked out.
the kids had a great time which makes this mama's heart happy.

i was able to spend my night with this goofball,

walking the neighborhood on a chilly night, collecting treats,
and coming home to warm up with the fire and hot chocolate.

Happy Halloween!

what was a highlight from your halloween?


Insta Joys

i am so thankful its friday
i am in need of a quiet weekend at home.
it will be a weekend trying to conquer a mile long to do list BUT
our calendar is basically empty. 
landon loves music
he has the radio on or iTunes and is constantly singing and listening to music
i was not surprised when i found him with headphones on jamming to Bieber
he worked diligently and no complaints about having to do school work
as Mel would say FTW {for the win}

sundays involve prepping for school and coop classes
i was making happy little dice for a math game for my coop class

i found landon asleep on his bean bag the other night
he just looked so sweet {and big} sleeping there
mauryn is going to be a flower girl in a wedding in december
her dress arrived in the mail the other day
she was so excited to try it on
getting her to take it off was a challenge
it is now hidden in my closet where it will remain safe until december
thanks to ebay for the dress NWT for $22
this is the third year we have had season tickets to Boise State Football
usually lance and one of the big kids heads to the game with our tickets
the kids love it and it saves money not having to hire a sitter so many weekends in the fall
last weekend our neighbors had extra tickets so lance, the big kids, and i went to the game
it was a gorgeous fall day, great atmosphere, and fun game
i heart college football

its cold season
this little bug was starting to cough
we pulled out the neb before it turned into anything yucky

party prepping is in full swing
my party idea has shifted a bit since mauryn decided on her theme way back in july
i was on the hunt for some parfait glasses
i had been to a few stores with no luck
but target saves the day!

our church had their annual harvest party
its always a highlight for the kids
 the dressing up, the games, the candy, the face painting
they love it all
{morgan was a green fairy, landon was prince caspian, and mauryn was lucy pevensie}

i was twister
i work the registration table every year
i scored that job when i was about a week away from having mauryn
i love getting to see every family who walks through the door
it is the easiest and best job and the harvest party

more party prepping
my sewing machine and i are having many late night dates
so thankful for netflix streaming and tivo to help me pass the time

how was your week? what's on your agenda for the weekend?

life rearranged



i am linking up with lindsey this week
wiww is a means to hold me accountable for getting out of my usual sweats each day
its easy as a stay at home/homeschooling mama to stay in my comfy clothes all day every day

so i have decided to join lindsey's little link party
it's been a challenge
not the actually putting effort into getting ready every most days 
but its the pictures taking
do NOT like it at all
my kids love it
they draw straws for who gets to take pictures each day since i don't have a full length mirror

this week i've been plagued by a fall cold
there were many days spent in sweats
but hey i got out of my pjs and into sweats... that's progress

the pictures are few and courtesy of my children on my iphone
 thursday: morgan's ortho appt, school, car pool day
outfit: courtesy of maurices

monday: homeschool coop, drive car pool, mauryn dance class
white tank: mod bod
red lace tank: maurices
button down top/belt: maurices
jeans: maurices
boots: consignment store MT {love these boots!}
bracelet: gift
earrings: gift

tuesday: school, projects around the house, playdate, errands
long sleeved tshirt: mod bod
tshirt: aeropostale
jeans: maurices
slippers: kohls, getting worn out, but my favorite around the house footwear

what's your go to around the house footwear - do wear slippers, socks, or go barefoot?

pleated poppy


Insta Joys

we've had our first round of fall colds in the house
stuffy noses and coughs
so happy for the weekend to have some down time and hopefully beat these colds

we made a quick impromptu trip to the pumpkin patch
there is a new pumpkin patch that opened about 2 miles from our house
it is just a pumpkin patch... no fanfare
just walk out in the field and pick your pumpkins

a little saturday pinterTEST kitchening
monster cookie bars {not great but i think they need to be baked for less time so they'd be chewier}
cookie dough dip {swoon. amazing. could eat it with a spoon.}
sweet and salty snack mix {who knew fritos with chocolate were good}

mauryn slept with braids in on saturday night
she woke up on sunday with a little wave in her hair
she walked up to me, swung her little head, and said "i have hair like taylor swith"

a little someone in my house has a birthday coming up
i've been in denial that she will be 5
i've put off the party planning
then someone kept bugging me about her party so i had to climb out of denial and get on the party planning train

mauryn was invited to a mickey and minnie themed birthday party
the party favors: minnie ears and a t shirt

i have my fellow homeschool moms over once a month for food and fellowship
this was our spread this month

i ordered morgan a few new things for fall
it's always a gamble when i order her clothes without her approval
this time all items made her cut

we had our last day of fall break on tuesday :o(
we did a little bit of school but most of the day was relaxed
we decided to celebrate our last day by going to see Lion King 3D
it was hilarious watching mauryn reaching out to touch everything

hello free sonic
fill out an online survey and get a free route 44 drink
you don't have to ask me twice

landon and mauryn needed an activity one afternoon
they decided to paint their pumpkins

painting pumpkins in the sunshine = happy happy kids
phase 2 of orthodontic treatment has started
full set of braces

landon has developed a love for all things star wars in the last year
when i saw there was a stars wars lego advent calendar i knew it would be perfect for him
now the challenge will be to keep him out of the calendar until december

landon's christmas list
posted on the wall in front of my desk
he also has his list on the white board in the school room
 pretty sure i've got an idea of what he would like
at least this week as his list seems pretty fluid at the moment
changing whenever he finds something new or different

how was your week?

linking up with jeannett over at life rearranged for insta friday

life rearranged


Do Something Good

last week i woke up to a blustery fall day.
it was the perfect day to make a little comfort food.
nothing says comfort food like a creamy pot of homemade mac and cheese.

when i saw my friend sarah had a crock pot recipe for mac and cheese i knew it would be perfect!
i could throw it together in the morning and it would be ready by lunch.
a hot comfort food lunch on a blustery fall day... yes please.

this macaroni and cheese was everything i imagined.
my kids did not agree.
they are not huge macaroni and cheese fans {whose children are they??} so i wasn't all that surprised but this left me with a HUGE crock pot full of macaroni and cheese.

i decided to give the macaroni and cheese away to some neighbors.  
i filled up a pan with macaroni and cheese for our neighbors, mr and mrs. lewis.
they are an older couple and mr. lewis is in poor health and has recently started hospice.

i sent my girlies down to deliver the mac and cheese and some cake balls i had in the freezer.
when the girls walked in, mr. lewis perked right up.
he loved having them there to visit and he loved the cake balls {who doesn't?}

a few days later there was a knock on our door and it was mrs. lewis
she returned my disposable dish cleaned and ready to reuse and a little note.
it was so simple to deliver this meal to mr and mrs lewis
why don't i do it more often?
i sign up to bring meals to people who have just had a baby or have been sick but yet i hadn't considered taking the burden of making dinner from my neighbor?
i didn't have plan.
i didn't make a fancy meal with all the trimmings.
it didn't matter. 

i need to do this more often.
i need to not worry about having the perfect meal ready to be delivered.
it can be as simple as macaroni and cheese.

a friend shared a site with quite a list of freezer meals.  
when i am preparing one meal for the freezer its just as easy to do two.
i am going to keep some extra meals in my freezer that i can have ready to deliver to someone.
a friend having a rough day 
a friend who gets sick or is tending to sick children
a new neighbor
the list could go on and on

a simple meal
a simple act of kindness
simply perfect

do you feel like you need to be prepared for a meal with all the trimmings or do you grab whatever is ready and deliver it?

i am participating with julie over at joy's hope in her do something good challenge. 


What We Wore Wednesday

i am linking up with lindsey this week

i wasn't great about getting pictures but i did actually wear real clothes, not sweats every day last week.  
i am pretty sure that is a record.
especially since we were on fall break.
maybe its because we were on fall break and we were out and about doing things.

wednesday: breakfast at the nampa airport
getting stuff done at home
 dress: old navy
shoes: target

 shirt: kohls
pants: kohls
flip flops: kohls

 jeans: maurices
shirt/tank: maurices
earrings/necklace: maurices
boots: eddie bauer {old}

 shirt: from state gymnastics meet
jeans: justice
boots: justice

friday: trip to the local pumpkin patch
clean house
landon's football scrimmage

 jeans: maurices
shirt: maurices
tank: mod bod
sweater: old navy
bracelet: from hawaii {brought back by one of our teens at church}

sunday: church
{sorry bad lighting...iphone pic}
 pants: maurices
tanks: maurices
sweater: maurices
shoes: kohls
bracelet: claires
earrings/necklace: maurices

tuesday: last day of fall break
a little bit of catch up work for school
leggings: forever 21
tank: down east basics
dress/tunic: forever 21
earrings: mellib

pleated poppy