Do Something Good

last week i woke up to a blustery fall day.
it was the perfect day to make a little comfort food.
nothing says comfort food like a creamy pot of homemade mac and cheese.

when i saw my friend sarah had a crock pot recipe for mac and cheese i knew it would be perfect!
i could throw it together in the morning and it would be ready by lunch.
a hot comfort food lunch on a blustery fall day... yes please.

this macaroni and cheese was everything i imagined.
my kids did not agree.
they are not huge macaroni and cheese fans {whose children are they??} so i wasn't all that surprised but this left me with a HUGE crock pot full of macaroni and cheese.

i decided to give the macaroni and cheese away to some neighbors.  
i filled up a pan with macaroni and cheese for our neighbors, mr and mrs. lewis.
they are an older couple and mr. lewis is in poor health and has recently started hospice.

i sent my girlies down to deliver the mac and cheese and some cake balls i had in the freezer.
when the girls walked in, mr. lewis perked right up.
he loved having them there to visit and he loved the cake balls {who doesn't?}

a few days later there was a knock on our door and it was mrs. lewis
she returned my disposable dish cleaned and ready to reuse and a little note.
it was so simple to deliver this meal to mr and mrs lewis
why don't i do it more often?
i sign up to bring meals to people who have just had a baby or have been sick but yet i hadn't considered taking the burden of making dinner from my neighbor?
i didn't have plan.
i didn't make a fancy meal with all the trimmings.
it didn't matter. 

i need to do this more often.
i need to not worry about having the perfect meal ready to be delivered.
it can be as simple as macaroni and cheese.

a friend shared a site with quite a list of freezer meals.  
when i am preparing one meal for the freezer its just as easy to do two.
i am going to keep some extra meals in my freezer that i can have ready to deliver to someone.
a friend having a rough day 
a friend who gets sick or is tending to sick children
a new neighbor
the list could go on and on

a simple meal
a simple act of kindness
simply perfect

do you feel like you need to be prepared for a meal with all the trimmings or do you grab whatever is ready and deliver it?

i am participating with julie over at joy's hope in her do something good challenge. 


{cuppakim} said...

love this story kristen.

i think my favorite part is that mrs lewis returned the dish - and included the card - so sweet.

makes my heart burst.

Julie @ Joy's Hope said...

I love that you did this. I love that I am not the only one with alien children who don't like mac n cheese. I love that she returned the dish.

Jeni said...

So I already told you I dreamed about that mac n cheese all night long and had to go to the store the next morning so I could make it. Well it was sooo sooo good!! And my kids who only like mac n cheese out of the box loved it too!

hannah singer said...


we usually give whatever we have already on the menu, just make extra. depending on the situation, you know.
i love this idea! xo