Insta Joys

it's the end of another week...yeah!

here's a little peek into our week via iPhone pictures.

 i had book club last friday 
these two decided to take landon's green machine on a test drive to book club
its really meant for one person but he squished to make room for his little sis
 lance's turned 40 last saturday
we had two parties... friday night appetizers while cheering on Boise State {whoop!}
saturday we had friends over for dinner
featuring PW's twice baked potatoes {heavenly}
 lance isn't a huge cake/dessert fan
he does enjoy an ice cream cake
the kids and i threw together a cookies and cream ice cream cake
 these two are the best of friends... most of the time
i love seeing them play together
landon is very patient with her
even when she doesn't totally understand the game

 i think someone liked her daddy's ice cream cake ;o)

 mauryn is CONSTANTLY singing and dancing
every night she puts on a show
creating her own songs and making up dances
she is filled with passion and joy

 the crock pot serves center stage for meals in our house 2-3 times a week
as we were leaving the house on wednesday, mauryn looked at the crock pot and said "hey there is skip counting on there"
i guess someone is paying attention during school

it's time for phase 2 of braces
morgan had molds made of her teeth and gets her braces next week

 hello lovlies!
hello organized planner and cute ipad stickers!
i may have done a little happy dance when these arrived in the mail
 pinterTest kitchen success

 plane cakes at our little airport
breakfast while watching the airplanes take off and land
pretty nice fall morning

 thanks to kim and jessica i now have a new distraction
i am in love with this game
it's quick
it's easy
it's oh so fun!
{you can always hit me up for a game... idahomom}

 i think i have had a picture of mauryn sleeping the last few weeks
she just look so peaceful
i was folding laundry in my room and she came in and said i am going to my room
i went to check on her and found her asleep on her bed
before dinner
i let her sleep a short while and then woke her up so she would go to bed that night

 fall break means mornings of being lazy and playing games
we had a pretty intense game of skip bo happening this morning

 mauryn needed "a little trim" {she wants to grow her hair like rapunzel}
we went to her favorite place to get "a little trim"
she loves sitting in the barbie jeep and getting sparkles
the girl today even did her hair all fancy
i had one happy girl

 i have been on the hunt for honey crisp apples
they are my favorite in the fall
i stopped in at the farm stand 1/2 mile from my house {why i don't go here more often i will never know}
they had honey crisps
i left a happy girl
landon picked up some pluots and plums
he was a happy boy

it's time to start planning activities for our advent calendar
i had a little date with a printable calendar, my files, and the oriental trading catalog
advent season will be here before i know it

how was your week?
what was one highlight of your week?
mine... breakfast at the airport with the kiddos

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lolly said...

Great photos. I went through all of the braces steps... 4 years of it! Totally worth it in the end though :)

{cuppakim} said...

LOVING dice for buddies.
but i keep almost calling it Dice for Dummies ;)

hannah singer said...

twice baked taters
skip bo
honey crisp

kindred spirits;)

xo happy new week to you!

Denise said...

i can't believe morgan let you post a pic of her in the ortho chair!

i want to go to the airport... and hop on a plane to see you somewhere...anywhere!