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happy friday!

the weather took a turn on tuesday and it finally feels like fall.

 i have been wanting/needing a new griddle.
thanks to kohl's cash i now have one :o)
i think landon was almost as excited as i was about the griddle. 
he has used it almost every day for his grilled cheese sandwiches.

 pizookie about ready to go into the oven.
if you haven't had a pizookie, you NEED to have one.
they are my favorite.

 last weekend was like a flashback to my classroom teaching days
i spent saturday afternoon/evening cutting out laminating for the classes i am teaching for my homeschool coop
i was a little bit excited about having this little project... an easy non thinking project i could do while watching a movie

 this little man was in the zone during this game last week
1 TD, 4 flags

 we went to a birthday party for my friends son
the party favor... goldfish
ours lived one day
i had a little lady in tears so off we went to get a new fish
she loved him so much she wouldn't let him just sit in his fish bowl
he lived about 5 hours
there will be no more fish in the cheney house

 i let morgan have a turn holding my boyfriend
isn't he the cutest??
shortly after this picture he started to fuss so i got him back and he fell asleep on me {sigh}
i miss those baby cuddles
so glad i have this guy to cuddle with... often
 the birthday party was at our church
landon found this green machine in the storage shed
he loved cruising around the parking lot
he has been saving up for one of these since july
 we were waiting for morgan to hop the van to practice and landon climbed this tree
he was almost to the top of the tree
i wasn't quite sure how he was going to get down
i tried not to freak out
this is what boys do... they climb trees and climb as high as they can go
 when landon was about 9 months old my dad won a BB gun at a ducks unlimited banquet and gave the gun to us for landon
the gun has been in hiding for years 
at some point lance told landon he could have it when he turned 7
so last spring lance wrapped it up and gave it to landon
it has sat in our garage since then
our neighbor got a BB gun and has BB's so he came over so they could test out their BB guns {lance was there supervising the entire time}
another example of things boys do that can give their mothers heart attacks
the entire time i kept thinking of the movie A Christmas Story - "you'll shoot your eye out"
i may or may not have said the same thing and issued a new rule... you must wear protective eye wear when shooting the BB gun
 on our way to dance class on monday
she fell asleep about 5 minutes down the road
i am so glad that she does NOT need naps anymore. ha!
 the two littles waiting for big sister while she was at her chiropractor appointment

 cookies and cream cake balls for a baby shower this week
this is my favorite flavor of cake balls... yum!
 one advantage of homeschooling... you can do school in a tent

 this boy is making a visit to the orthodontist on tuesday
i am hoping for a mouth guard to help curb the thumb sucking
it was really really cute when he was little
it really isn't so cute anymore when he is 7!
 remember the green machine from up top
landon counted his money when we got home from the birthday party and had enough saved up
he now has his very own green machine 
he is one happy boy!
 erin had mentioned last week on fb that she had her tickets for breaking dawn
so i checked with our local theater and they were on sale
so i made a quick pit stop to pick up tickets for myself and a few friends
can't wait!

 lance is turning the big 4-0 this weekend
he isn't a huge cake fan
he doesn't like frosting {seriously?? we share cake really well - cake for him frosting for me}
i decided on an ice cream cake for his dessert
these crushed oreos are serving as the crust...yes please!

you can tell the no napping is working really well for this little lady
she was talking to me and just fell asleep mid conversation
i could watch her sleep all day long.... so peaceful.

how was your week??

i am linking up with jeannett for insta friday!

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Denise said...

happy 40th to your (old) man!

hannah singer said...

exciting instas!!
i need a pizookie. also need those cake balls.
and i am pretty sure we'll see breaking dawn...between my husband and my sister, i will be forced;)


Amy said...

OK, sorry to hear about the fishies in your household, but how cute is that little fish bowl with the twine and tag?

And HOW did I miss you at Blog Sugar? ;-( Next year for sure! ;-)

Erin Burns said...

You know which picture is my favorite picture this post.

(Well not really...but my favorite, superfluous picture!)

Wish we lived closer and could enjoy the midnight fun together.

Favorite "real" picture?
School in a tent.