Doughnut and Pajama Party

mauryn loves doughnuts 
when we started talking about a theme for her birthday party she wanted a doughnut party
i wasn't quite sure how a doughnut party would come together 
after talking through her ideas on the party we decided to have an early {9 am} saturday party and have all the girls come in their pajamas.
so it turned into a doughnut and pajama party!

i did not love how her invitations turned out
but this was our attempt at a doughnut

the table decorations were simple
mauryn wanted her party colors to be pink and purple so we carried those colors throughout her party
i used pink and purple paper straws in the milk glasses
i had extra fabric from the table runner and bunting that i used to tie onto the glasses

the table was set with pink and purple plates and napkins
i made a bunch of mini doughnuts and doughnut holes for the kids to decorate
we added a few glass cups pink and purple candies to add a pop of color to the table and for the kids to use as decorations on their doughnuts

i made a few large doughnuts to hang from our kitchen light
we also had streamers on our patio doors and a bunting over the streamers {pic was too dark}

when the girls arrived they started off by coloring pictures of doughnuts 

i also set up mauryn's ice cream shop from last year as a doughnut shop
yes i misspelled doughnut
i should not be writing at midnight after too many late nights/early mornings party prepping
i was planning on writing the short version donut but then decided to do the traditional spelling but i had already started the short version and well my mind was dead at the time of the night
so we just invented a new way of spelling doughnut. ha!!
i made a little skirt to go around the doughnut shop that matched the colors of her party
the doughnut shop was a hit
it was a great thing for the girls to do if they finished an activity and were waiting for the next thing
mauryn trying a doughnut from the doughnut shop!!

 once all the girls arrived, we read two doughnut stories

then we worked on a craft
the girls made and decorated paper doughnuts
they had jewels, mini pompoms, and markers to decorate

once they were through making paper doughnuts, we sang to the birthday girl
who thought it was far too loud!

then the girls decorated and ate their doughnuts/doughnut holes
there was lots of frosting and sprinkles involved

mauryn's frosted creation

we sent the sugar filled girls home with the CUTEST goodie buckets that marta made... they were the perfect colors and design for the party
we filled them with two glazed doughnut holes, a candy necklace, chapstick, and a doughnut necklace
the frosting colored lips and the little smirk are signs of a happy party girl!


Denise said...

a donut party! great idea.
you put a lot of thought into every detail. so creative.

Susan said...

Great idea. I don't know hot you do it all. Really.