i love christmas
i love pretty much everything about the christmas season
the lights
the music
the food
the activities

the one thing i don't love about christmas time is the crowds and the sense that everyone is in a rush. there is no slowing down to soak up the season.

a few years ago, in an attempt to embrace more of the christmas season i made an advent calendar for my kids.  it is not filled with candy but with bible reading and activities that we do each day.  many of the activities are things we might normally do during the christmas season.  i enjoy the fact that we take time each day to focus on the true meaning of christmas, the true gift of christmas, Jesus.

over the past few years i have documented our activities each day.  i have loved being able to go back and look at how we celebrated advent.  even though things have been v e r y quiet around here lately, i am hoping to continue on with that tradition.

our advent calendar begins tomorrow.  we are revisiting some of our favorite advent activities and adding in a few new things as well.  each day we will be reading some bible verses and also reading from the book jotham's journey.  i am really looking forward to our advent season this year.

do you celebrate advent?  what are some of your family favorite activities?

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OCMom said...

Hey I've been thinking about you in our advent planning! My friend and I coordinated last year a lot of the activities and this year we are changing it up to ADVENT ACTS OF KINDNESS! It's been so fun to think of all of these great ideas to for people! Can't wait to see your posts! ~ Corey