Insta Joys : October Catch Up

yep way way way behind on blogging
like months and months
life just keeps getting in the way
it been busy, full, and fun
someday i will catch up on here

for now here's a glimpse at our october
iphone photos 
moments i want documented so i can remember

 we had a field trip to bodies revealed
i thought it might gross my little people out
it didn't
they thought it was interesting
i was completely fascinated
if this exhibit ever comes to your area check it out
its worth the money

 after our field trip we had time for a quick lunch before getting morgan to practice
we choose to eat at fuddruckers
my soda loving self might have let out a squeal when i saw this machine
so fun to mix your own flavors
the kids thought it was pretty neat too
have you used one of these? if so what's your favorite flavor combo?

 october brought the end of the flag football season {post coming soon}
i was a bit sad this year
these boys played so well together and had so much fun
they cheered each other on and encouraged each other all season
they finished undefeated and no team scored on them all season long

 after flag football we quickly changed and headed to the boise state game
we share tickets with some friends so usually lance and one of the kids goes to the games
we swapped one game so lance and i could take the big kids
it was a beautiful day for a game
bronco stadium is always such a fun place to watch a game

 during our fall break from school we headed to mn for my baby brothers wedding {post coming}
we arrive in minneapolis late
my kids seem to have a sensor for this cut outs wherever we go
we had to stop for quick picture

 morgan and her best friend are both turning 13 this year
when my brother got engaged and we realized we'd be in mn for emily's birthday, morgan wanted to surprise her
well emily had a summer job and had saved up money to fly to idaho for her 13th birthday
since we'd be in mn, emily couldn't come to idaho
so there was lots of secret keeping to make this surprise happen
it was totally worth it to see emily so surprised!
so fun these girlies have remained the best of friends even though we moved 7 years ago

 mauryn reunited with one of her favorite cousins

 a trip to mn would not be complete without at stop at the mall of america and a visit to the american girl store.
 mauryn has been eyeing the mckenna doll since last winter.  
she was so excited to get to bring her home :o)

 after a stop at mall of america, we spent one night at the waterpark of america
the cousins had SO much fun swimming
i got in a little snuggle time with my niece tess

 ready to go marry off my baby brother

 the kiddos before the wedding
photo bomber nieces in the back :o)

 the first time these cousins have all been together in 9 years
9 years ago about half this group wasn't even born!
so so fun to have all 17 of my parents grandchildren together

lance, landon, and my nephew ian dancing the night away
 they were starting a new fashion trend... ties on heads

 one of the places i miss from home is culvers
the burgers, the frozen custard..... so good
we made a few trips in our time home
we picked up a few containers of custard
this snickers swirl was yummy
i think my niece and i polished this baby off ourselves

 the aftermath of vacation
bags to be unpacked
laundry to be done
the part of vacation i don't enjoy that much

 my brother and sister in law had a photo booth at their reception
it was a hit
i've loved looking at the pictures and reliving that night 

 a post vacation nap is a must

 this guy always sleeps next to my side of the bed
he is always sleeping on the pillows

 i participated in the color run with some fun friends
it was messy, colorful, and fun
i think my kids would have loved it
maybe next year!

 no more braces = one happy girl
now she looks SO grown up
time needs to slow down

 halloween 2012
captain america, twister, and dorothy+ warmish weather = perfect halloween

 i was fighting a nasty cold after our trip
the old saying goes feed a cold
i was taking it to heart and raiding halloween buckets for my favorites
thanks kids for helping my cold out ;O)

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Denise said...

you look so pretty in the dress for your bro's wedding!

how sweet that emily surprised morgan!!!

if i get a summer job i will surprise you. :-)