Changes, Changes

Changes is a good title for my post, since I have now deleted the original post. I am one of those writers who makes multiple drafts, usually wtih pen and paper before I put something down on the computer. This will definitely be a change for me having to learn to write and edit on the computer.

There are so many changes on the horizon. Mauryn is almost 10 months old. She is crawling and getting into everything. She is trying really hard to stand up on her own. So cute when she tries! She finds the dishwasher quite fascinating. Part of me is ready for her to grow up but another part is really sad to be loosing my baby - especially if she is our last one. The stage from about 5 months to 9 months is always a long stretch for me. I am not sure why but it seems to drag on. I think mostly it is because to go anywhere I feel like I have to take my entire kitchen - sippy cups, their food, snacks, etc... I don't know why this seems like a big deal but it does. Once my babies start table food it is like a whole new world. Now that I have Mauryn down to nursing two times a day I think I feel like I have much more freedom. I am happy for those changes but really I can't believe she is growing up. She has been such a dream baby - so sweet, cuddly, happy. All of my babies have been good but she is probably the most laid back. In some ways she is a "late bloomer" compared to Morgan and Landon but I treasure that as a blessing - then she can seem like a baby for a while longer. She seems little because she is so petite. Many people have commented on how she looks like she is 4 months old but yet she sits up and feeds herself. Well, my baby is still in her 3-6 months clothes, but I think we may be moving out of those and into her 6-12 months for the fall. YEAH!

Speaking of fall, anyone else ready for fall??? I am so ready to pitch out the summer stuff. I am tired of the hot days. We had a sneak peek at fall this week. It was so cool at night and in the mornings. We could sleep with the windows open - love it! Now it is going to get hot again. I am sure it won't be the last hot streak and fall will be here before we know it. I think now that school has started, there are football games to attend it seems like we should be in sweatshirts and jeans. When we moved here, we had snowflakes in the Valley on September 16 2005 and there was snow on the pass from Stanley to Sun Valley. I know it could change in a minute. Landon keeps asking if there is snow on the mountains yet so he can ski. I am a total summer person - I love the hot weather, the sunshine, the days at the pool, having a suntan, being outside but I also love the change of seasons. I don't know that I could live somewhere that I could experience all four seasons. There is something about those changes and I am always ready for the next season when it arrives. I love the colors and chill of the air in the fall, I love the snow in the winter (although I don't get to experience it as much now), I love the newness of spring and the rain and thunderstorms, and I love the sunshine, warmth, and relaxation of summer. There is just something about all those changes.


First Day of School

Painting the Viking shield!

Yesterday was our first day of school! YEAH~! I am so happy to FINALLY have a schedule and routine again. It feels great. The first day went well. Everyone was up on time and ready to go. We really did start on time. Landon is very excited to be doing school with his big sister. He did well yesterday with some structured activity. Morgan was excited and ready to get back into the school routine as well. We started our KONOS on line co op yesterday. The co op actually doesn't start until next week but the lesson plans are on line so we started early. It gives us some flex time if we want to take some time off. Yesterday we started with learning about explorers and our first explorer was Leif Erickson. It was very interesting. I was impressed with how much Morgan learned and remembered as we were discussing it at dinner last night. The highlight of the day was making Viking's Shields. Landon wanted in on the action too. They had a great time painting the cardboard. It was the perfect activity to keep them engaged while I made lunch and prepped dinner. By the time Morgan left for gymnastics, I had dinner in the fridge ready for the oven. It sure made the rest of my day go more smoothly. Once Lance got home last night, the kids were going to put together their shields with him. Landon says to Lance " Dad, don't forget to put a football on my Vikings shield" His point of reference for the Vikings is the football team. So funny! He loves his shield and carries it around the house. It was definitely a great way to start our first day back at it.

Now I just need to find a way to organized with our chores. UGH! I do better once we are on track with school and have a routine. Like yesterday, I was on top of laundry and dinner even before naps. It felt great. I need to find a way for Morgan to keep track of her chores and make sure they get done. Some efficient system - anyone have a suggestion???

It is time to get kiddos off to bed. I am hoping to get them in bed earlier now that school has started for us - and all the neighbor kids. Last night we didn't make it to bed as early as I would have liked and I can tell today. It was hard getting them up this morning.

I am going to try and post pictures of the kids painting their Vikings shields. I am not sure if I can get them the right direction but I am still learning.


Out of the Mouth of Babes

Yesterday, Landon comes into our office and says "Mom, Morgan is having gum and she didn't even go poop!" Lance and I about fell over laughing. You see, when Mauryn was born Landon regressed a bit in the potty training. The issue wasn't with going pee but with pooping in his pants - UGH! We were trying to find a way to motivate him to get to the bathroom in time. He LOVES chewing gum. The only way he could get gum was if he went poop on the potty. It has worked very well. He even forgets he is supposed to get gum now. Unless he remembers I don't give it to him since we should be sold on the potty thing now.

Landon came into the bathroom when I was showering this morning with excitement in his voice " Mom I just looked in Mauryn's crib and she is sitting up!" Well she has been doing this for a few weeks but he must not have noticed it before. He was so excited and proud of her. He is definitely the cheerleader of the group. He adores his sisters and gets so excited for their accomplishments.

We are starting our first day of school today. I have to get back to teaching. I will hopefully post later about our first day. It feels good to have a routine and schedule going!


One gift down, many to go

This is my first entry on my blog. My husband was sent an email from his cousin and he let us know his wife had a blog. As I was reading her blog, I started thinking it might be a good idea. A great way to connect with our family and friends who live far away. I just hope I can be good about keeping it updated. Hopefully I will find time in the next day or two to figure out how to add photos etc.. Anyway, here goes.....

The first of the Christmas gifts arrived today. I know it is ONLY August. I was ordering some things for school and would get free shipping if I had a little more on my order. I found something I knew Morgan would love and I would end up ordering later so why not combine the shipping. One gift off the check list. You see, I am one of those people who shops early and likes to be pretty much done by Thanksgiving. It helps that my girls both have birthdays in November. It gets me motivated to get my shopping done. Usually my list for them will include ideas for both Christmas and birthday. Once I get started I just want to be finished. I don't enjoy the lines and crowds during the holidays. I am not one to run out the Friday after Thanksgiving to do my shopping. I have to admit this is even a bit early for me but my lists are started and I will be on the look out for deals.