Out of the Mouth of Babes

Yesterday, Landon comes into our office and says "Mom, Morgan is having gum and she didn't even go poop!" Lance and I about fell over laughing. You see, when Mauryn was born Landon regressed a bit in the potty training. The issue wasn't with going pee but with pooping in his pants - UGH! We were trying to find a way to motivate him to get to the bathroom in time. He LOVES chewing gum. The only way he could get gum was if he went poop on the potty. It has worked very well. He even forgets he is supposed to get gum now. Unless he remembers I don't give it to him since we should be sold on the potty thing now.

Landon came into the bathroom when I was showering this morning with excitement in his voice " Mom I just looked in Mauryn's crib and she is sitting up!" Well she has been doing this for a few weeks but he must not have noticed it before. He was so excited and proud of her. He is definitely the cheerleader of the group. He adores his sisters and gets so excited for their accomplishments.

We are starting our first day of school today. I have to get back to teaching. I will hopefully post later about our first day. It feels good to have a routine and schedule going!

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