First Day of School

Painting the Viking shield!

Yesterday was our first day of school! YEAH~! I am so happy to FINALLY have a schedule and routine again. It feels great. The first day went well. Everyone was up on time and ready to go. We really did start on time. Landon is very excited to be doing school with his big sister. He did well yesterday with some structured activity. Morgan was excited and ready to get back into the school routine as well. We started our KONOS on line co op yesterday. The co op actually doesn't start until next week but the lesson plans are on line so we started early. It gives us some flex time if we want to take some time off. Yesterday we started with learning about explorers and our first explorer was Leif Erickson. It was very interesting. I was impressed with how much Morgan learned and remembered as we were discussing it at dinner last night. The highlight of the day was making Viking's Shields. Landon wanted in on the action too. They had a great time painting the cardboard. It was the perfect activity to keep them engaged while I made lunch and prepped dinner. By the time Morgan left for gymnastics, I had dinner in the fridge ready for the oven. It sure made the rest of my day go more smoothly. Once Lance got home last night, the kids were going to put together their shields with him. Landon says to Lance " Dad, don't forget to put a football on my Vikings shield" His point of reference for the Vikings is the football team. So funny! He loves his shield and carries it around the house. It was definitely a great way to start our first day back at it.

Now I just need to find a way to organized with our chores. UGH! I do better once we are on track with school and have a routine. Like yesterday, I was on top of laundry and dinner even before naps. It felt great. I need to find a way for Morgan to keep track of her chores and make sure they get done. Some efficient system - anyone have a suggestion???

It is time to get kiddos off to bed. I am hoping to get them in bed earlier now that school has started for us - and all the neighbor kids. Last night we didn't make it to bed as early as I would have liked and I can tell today. It was hard getting them up this morning.

I am going to try and post pictures of the kids painting their Vikings shields. I am not sure if I can get them the right direction but I am still learning.

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