Family Pictures

i don't like having my picture taken.
so every year i find an excuse not to have family pictures taken
i finally caved this year when i realized in our last family pictures our family looked like this:
{2002 - morgan was 3}

and this
{2003 - i was pregnant with landon. what was i thinking having a family picture done while pregnant}

yep, it had been 8 years since we had family pictures taken.  
that's two more children added to our family since our last photo shoot.
i guess it really was time to take some update family pictures.

it wasn't entirely painful. just a little painful.
i am pretty pleased with how our pictures turned out.

here are some of my favorites from the day:

{this one is now a canvas hanging in my house!}

{i really loved this one but landon has a goofy look on his face}

a highlight of the day was getting to throw the leaves. it was a super windy day so the leaves were flying everywhere.

thanks to our wonderful photographer who eased the pain of having my picture taken and made our afternoon shoot so much fun.

{photos courtesy of diana childress photography}


Simply Sara said...

love, love, LOOOOOVE!

seriously so proud of you for getting an updated picture of all of you :O)

i love LOVE the one you made into a canvas...and the one where you are all sitting together. and where mauryn is hugging you. and the one of the boys. and all the kids individual ones and the one of the 3 of them together...who am i kidding i love 'em all.

wonderful pictures of a wonderful family!

{cuppakim} said...

okayy--ayyyy can you family not be just SO stinking beautiful?

love all of these.
the leaf shots are amazing!

so glad you canvassed these up! so. amazing.

Unknown said...

Chad and I absolutely love Lance's "Jay Leno" outfit in the first picture. :) What a goregous family you have. Wonderful pictures!!!!

Susan said...

I really love the pictures...they are beautiful of everyone. You should take family pictures more often...:)

Lynn said...

So sorry, friend, that I have not been around to visit for A LONG time! I'm finally catching up on all your Dec posts. Of course, another AMAZING advent season in the Cheney house. LOVE these pix!!! Love the girls' matching shirts. Every one of you looks GREAT!