{catching up} Flag Football

this was landon's second year playing flag football
he played under the same coaches and with some of his former teammates 
this season was SO much fun
landon has improved leaps and bounds from last year
he played with more confidence and maturity
 he even had a few games where he was hawk of the game
hawk of the game went to the player who got the most flags on defense

it was so fun to cheer on his team this season
they played really well together and finished the season undefeated

we loved his team
the boys and their families were great
there are only two boys moving up to tackle {aah! that will be landon in a year!}
so most of the same team will stay together
we are looking forward to another great season next year

i put together a clip of some highlights from the season
there could be more if i the person videotaping would hold the camera still
and focus on the action
sometimes i the person running the video camera gets a little excited
its definitely easier to videotape gymnastics meets than football games :O)

for their last game of the season they played in a neighboring town
on the high school football field
they even had announcers call the game
it was so neat
the boys loved it!
it was a great way to end a great season


hannah singer said...

what a champion!
sounds like so much fun, love the pics.

miss you, happy new year, kristen!

Linda Z said...

Dude! You've got a fierce little one there! Watch out! :)

Happy New Year! :)