Advent: Day 8

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make salt dough ornaments

while working on our ornaments today, each of my kids personalities took over.
 mauryn spent a good deal of the morning practicing her songs of the christmas program,

 while landon thought the ball of dough was perfect for shooting hoops, 

 and morgan just took over rolling all the dough out.

this was our first time using salt dough to make ornaments.
they were really easy to make and the kids loved it.
we got about 30 ornaments out of half the batch of salt dough {we shared the other half with friends}.

its sort of like with decorating sugar cookies, the rolling and cutting only holds their attention for so long {at least my kids} but the real joy comes from the decorating.
 the kids really enjoyed painting and creating the ornaments.
they love to paint and we don't do it often enough.

the salt dough ornaments are a perfect addition to the kids' trees and will make fun gift toppers for christmas.

Bible Verse:
But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah,
   though you are small among the clans
 of Judah, 
out of you will come for me 
   one who will be ruler over Israel, 
whose origins are from of old, 
   from ancient times.”

  Therefore Israel will be abandoned
   until the time when she who is in labor bears a son,
and the rest of his brothers return
   to join the Israelites.
  He will stand and shepherd his flock
   in the strength of the LORD,
   in the majesty of the name of the LORD his God.
And they will live securely, for then his greatness
   will reach to the ends of the earth.
 And he will be our peace 
   when the Assyrians invade our land 
   and march through our fortresses. 
We will raise against them seven shepherds, 
   even eight commanders, 
who will rule the land of Assyria with the sword, 
   the land of Nimrod with drawn sword.
He will deliver us from the Assyrians 
   when they invade our land 
   and march across our borders.

Micah 5:25

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