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it's christmas eve tomorrow. 
how did this month fly by so quickly

landon finished school on tuesday
five days of work in two days
why can't he focus like that all the time??

morgan is finishing up school hopefully today
then christmas break can officially begin

i am planning on some days in our pjs 
and getting a few books checked off my to read list

the house will get cleaned today
one last party tonight
then the at home christmas festivities can begin
i am so looking forward to our quiet christmas at home

now onto a little glimpse into our week:
 the little miss hadn't had a nap all week
she woke up on the wrong side of the bed on friday
she put herself back to bed around 11 am
i was a tad bit jealous
i could have used a little nap too
she woke up a MUCH happier girl
we hosted a gingerbread house party on saturday night
12 adults
14 children
so much fun! 

our completed gingerbread house
thank you costco for a pre assembled house
 so easy
unpack and decorate

the gingerbread house party food and decor
taco bar
hot chocolate bar
peppermint flavored dessert bar

 mauryn's sunday school teacher gave all the children in her class the christmas story
she used old christmas cards for pictures and bible verses 
then hand wrote the story for each child
there are over 20 kids in her sunday school class
its awesome
i am going to have it laminated so mauryn can have this treasure for ever

alvin and the chipmunks: shipwrecked
the kids loved it

 movie and popcorn just go together
i love movie theater popcorn
{hold the butter though... eww on soggy popcorn}

 we met some friends for an afternoon of swimming at our rec center
my little fishes swam for 2 1/2 hours
then came home and crashed they were so tired :o)
yeah for afternoon swimming play dates

 the kids made thumbprint nativities
this is morgan's
i am in love with it
{thank you pinterest for another great idea}

i got my first gussy bag
i've got a thing for bags... love them
i've had my eye on one for a while
when gussy had a little sale
i used my blow money to snag a bag
now i've got a problem
morgan wants it  but mama's not giving it up:o)

how was your week?
are you ready for christmas?
what are your plans for christmas??

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Cori H. said...

Sounds like you had a great week! The Chipmunk movie was so cute! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Cori H. said...
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Linda Z said...

You are so very festive and fun! I love the thumbprint nativity! So cute and simple. I want to make one! :) I'm going to have to come back the these posts next year for ideas!

Guess what? My brother did a stunt for Chipwrecked. He was dressed as a chicken doubling Uncle Ian. Did his scene make the final cut?