{catching up} Summer Bucket List - all things paint

 the kids favorite things from our summer bucket list was any activity that had to do with making a mess
kidding... sort of

here are there favorites:

1. making sidewalk chalk
it was fairly easy to make and they loved using their own chalk to color on the sidewalk
it last a long time
this may make our list again next summer

2.  making sidewalk paint
a few summer ago i mixed up a batch of sidewalk paint and the kids loved it
we haven't done it since then
i added it to our bucket list and it was a hit again
the kids loved the vibrant colors and creating murals on the driveway

3. painting rocks
we went out to our local lake one afternoon to let the dogs swim
as we were leaving the kids started to collect rocks
once they got some rocks, we brought them home and cleaned them up
one afternoon landon and mauryn sat out and painted their rocks
for over an hour
it was so simple but they loved it

4. squish ball and squirt bottle painting - this was their favorite until they had to clean up. ha!
i poured some crayola washable paint in bowls,

 filled squirt bottles with thinned out paint,

and taped long sheets of paper on our garage doors.

then i let the kids go crazy with tossing paint covered squish balls and spraying with their spray bottles
they were giggling and laughing and having the BEST time

even the driveway was really colorful when they finished

once the painting was done and the paint was dry it was time for clean up
the paint came off pretty easily from the garage doors {much to lance's relief}

the kids then used their paper to create some monsters

even though painting is at the bottom of my list of things to do, since this was all outside clean up was super easy.  i have a feeling most of these things will make our bucket list again next summer!

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