Insta Joys

has this been the longest week or what??

it sure felt like friday was never going to get here.

when i went the computer this morning, i had the dreaded rainbow spiral on the screen. ugh!
after a little work my computer decided to cooperate.
so thankful to not have to fit in a trip to the genius bar before christmas.

here's a little glimpse at our week:

playing a new game in front of the tree
yahtzee flash
kid version of dice with buddies

fancy hair for the flower girl

waiting for pictures

during the wedding ceremony, mauryn kept asking "when are they going to kiss? i don't want to see it"
so when they were about to kiss she covered her eyes
so funny

her bestie came to the wedding

my pantry need an overhaul a little TLC
it was on my christmas break to do list but it just couldn't wait
so much better to open the door to clean/somewhat organized shelves

mauryn had a birthday party on saturday
they were going to be in a parade after the party was over
the theme was rocking around the christmas tree
mauryn went in the dress up box and pulled out one of morgan's old dance costumes that had a poodle skirt

after the birthday party, the parade, and getting landon to a party we stopped for a quick dinner out
the restaurant had self serve ice cream
this made someone VERY happy

the candy cane candy melts have been one of my favorite things to use this christmas season
they are also now nearly impossible to find
i have gone to michaels repeatedly and they were always out
i hit up the internet and found some online
for $14 a bag
who would pay that?
these candy melts are amazing but not THAT amazing
i stopped in to joann's and they had them
i may have squealed in the store
then proceeded to grab an armful of the candy melts
thank you joann's for saving the day!

working our hot chocolate stand with our friends

highlight of the week:
delivering hot chocolate to salvation army bell ringers
they were so surprised and excited!
{we need to do this more often!}

glow in the dark bath
highlight for the littles this week

there are some battles just not worth fighting
like pjs, tshirt, tennis shoes, and bed head while running errands
she was happy and rocking the i just crawled out of bed look

scholastic had a warehouse sale in our area this week
me + books = happy
you can never ever have too many books
this a great time to stock up both for our school needs and for kids fun reading

during my marathon baking day, i tried a new recipe
white chocolate peppermint cookies
so yummy!

how was your week?
are you feeling ready for christmas?
it's next week already... wow!

linking up with jeannett again for insta friday
life rearranged


jhoward_120509 said...

This is definitely one of the highlights of my week!

The hot chocolate stand, GENIUS! although lately it had not been quite cold enough here for one...

bookstores and I are dangerous. Especially ones with really good deals.

Mauryn looked so adorable as a flower girl!!

-Jessica Howard

Denise said...

what a great idea to deliver hot chocolate to bell ringers. AWESOME.

marvin is funny, covering her eyes! of course.

miss you.

Cori H. said...

Mauryn looked so cute as the flower girl. I love how she was covering her eyes for the kiss.

What a great idea to deliver hot cocoa to the Salvation Army bell ringers.

Those white chocolate peppermint cookies look amazing!

Linda Z said...

Mauryn covering her eyes!! Haha. Reminds me of my boys! :)

Love your hot cocoa stand. :)