Our last month has been a whirlwind.

Hence, no posting on the blog.

We finished up school on May 19th. It felt really good to have our school year completed. As soon as school was over we were busy getting ready and packing to head to California.

We had an amazing week in California with the Jones and Markley families. A post is coming full of pictures of our fun week.

We returned from California for a week chocked full of errands and activities. We had enough time to stock up on food, do laundry, get haircuts, fit in a birthday party, and pack again for Minnesota.

The kids and I loaded up the car and started our 23 hour drive to Minnesota to visit family and friends as well as attend the wedding for one of our favorite couples. Our week in MN was crazy busy. Our week came to an end very quickly and the kids and I were back in the car to make the trek home. There is a post coming.... soon.

I am working on getting pictures uploaded and edited, posts written, as well as catching up on stuff around the house, emails, and reading blogs. I am trying to fit some sleep in there as well.

The whirlwind is dying down, I hope. I am ready to catch up and share with you all our great adventures over the past month.

It is all coming in time.