Getting Crafty

Almost two years ago, I saw that Lindsey was making these super cute superhero capes.  I sent her an email (this was before she had her shop) and asked if she would be willing to make one for Landon.  

Lindsey responded that saying she would love to make Landon a cape but if I wanted to make him the cape myself she would send me a tutorial.  In her words, they were easy!  First I laughed out loud.  I am not crafty and to tackle a sewing project was truly laughable.  I hadn't touched a sewing machine in years.  many, many years.  I think the last time was 8th grade home ec.

But, I became intrigued by the idea of sewing and had visions of  fun projects dancing in my head.

This past Mother's Day, Lance and the kids gave me this:

I was excited but also intimidated.  I let this little machine sit on my desk untouched for over a month.  I was so nervous about using it.  Thankfully we live in the age of technology and there was a DVD included to walk me through the steps of threading my machine and winding the bobbin.  Otherwise, I would have been lost.  

Over the past few months I have put my new machine to use making some baby gifts and I even tried making some capes.  Guess what? They were easy (after an aha! moment)!  Really, if you can follow directions, and sew in a straight line you can make them. If I can make them, anyone can because I am not crafty.

Here's a peek at what I have been making:

crayon rolls

baby blocks and baby rings
a sign for a baby shower
tag blanket for my new niece... i think she liked it :o)
crinkle toys:

this was a no sew project - super easy. it took about 30 minutes including the cutting - a tutu for my baby


Salsa Time!

My husband grew up eating Mexican food.  Spicy, hot Mexican food.

He has been on a quest to find a perfect salsa.  A salsa that even his mild palette, no big chunks of onions and peppers eating wife would enjoy.

A few years ago our neighbors in Minnesota brought us a jar of salsa.  A salsa that had a hint of sweet with the spice and there were no chunks!  We were both hooked.  

In order to have as much of the salsa as we wanted, we Lance started a salsa garden.  Our crop this year has been plentiful.  We Lance and Morgan have canned about 20 jars of salsa and we have a crop of tomatoes ready to be made into another batch.

As much as Lance loves this salsa, he still enjoys a hot, spicy, chunky salsa.  Anyone with an easy, yummy recipe??

tomatoes on the grill (note: do NOT use your wife's pampered chef stoneware on the grill, it will crack)
onions ready for the grill
mixing up the cooked tomatoes
salsa cooking

Salsa Recipe:
22 large tomatoes (with or without peel)
5 large onions
9-11 jalepenos - (leave seeds in if you want it hot)
1/4 c salt
1 c vinegar
2 - 12 oz cans of tomato paste
2 large bell peppers
3/4 c sugar
Add garlic to taste

Chop all ingredients to the texture of your choice (or use food processor or blender)  Cook 30-40 minutes. Put in a jar with lids and rings. Hot water bath for 20 minutes.

* pat and lance grill the tomatoes and onions to give the salsa a more smokey taste.  

** i will admit i am pretty clueless about the salsa making process. i do 100% of the cooking/baking in our home but this is lance's project.  i am more than happy to sit back and just enjoy the fruits of his labor.



When I started this blog in August of 2007 my original purpose was to chronicle our life in Idaho so our friends and family could keep up with our adventures.  

I never expected blogging to turn into a place where I was encouraged, inspired, and challenged to be a better wife, mother, woman, and friend.

I never expected blogging to be a place where I developed meaningful friendships - some still internet based and some where we have met in real life.

Over time I have found that I have become, with no better way to say it, insecure about my blog.  It will take me hours or even days to complete a blog post (hence not posting for days/weeks at a time).  I get "hung up" on making sure everything sounds right or is phrased appropriately.  I worry because I am not witty, I don't always see deeper meaning in the little things, and I am not an eloquent writer.  Since I was so caught up in those worries, I have lost the purpose for this blog.

I am refocused on the original purpose of this blog: to journal and record our life in Idaho.  I am no longer going to worry about trying to present the perfect post - what you see is what you get and hopefully you enjoy reading about our adventures and our life in Idaho.


A Weekend Getaway

When our friends/neighbors asked us a few weeks ago if we wanted to join them for a weekend at their timeshare in McCall, we immediately said yes.

We spent a lot of time doing... not much of anything.  It was nice to sneak away for the weekend and relax with friends.

*except for the first picture, all photos courtesy of my future photographer Morgan.  

the three older kids spent quite a bit of time playing card games
mauryn spent a great deal of time rocking and nurturing her baby "alice"
one of lance's clients just finished a house in mccall and they happened to be in town last weekend.  they invited us out to make s'mores. this is the view from their deck
landon checking out the view
the cool, cloudy weather moved out on saturday night and sunday was gorgeous.  we stopped by the new boardwalk along the lake on our way home.
making a large hole
lovin' the sand and water
the water isn't too chilly
i'll go in a little deeper
i'll go in for a swim
umm,  a little colder than i thought
a quick stop for ice cream at ice cream alley on the way home
notice the bowl of pink ice cream - that is a KID SIZED serving.  needless to say we had ice cream for lunch :o)