Getting Crafty

Almost two years ago, I saw that Lindsey was making these super cute superhero capes.  I sent her an email (this was before she had her shop) and asked if she would be willing to make one for Landon.  

Lindsey responded that saying she would love to make Landon a cape but if I wanted to make him the cape myself she would send me a tutorial.  In her words, they were easy!  First I laughed out loud.  I am not crafty and to tackle a sewing project was truly laughable.  I hadn't touched a sewing machine in years.  many, many years.  I think the last time was 8th grade home ec.

But, I became intrigued by the idea of sewing and had visions of  fun projects dancing in my head.

This past Mother's Day, Lance and the kids gave me this:

I was excited but also intimidated.  I let this little machine sit on my desk untouched for over a month.  I was so nervous about using it.  Thankfully we live in the age of technology and there was a DVD included to walk me through the steps of threading my machine and winding the bobbin.  Otherwise, I would have been lost.  

Over the past few months I have put my new machine to use making some baby gifts and I even tried making some capes.  Guess what? They were easy (after an aha! moment)!  Really, if you can follow directions, and sew in a straight line you can make them. If I can make them, anyone can because I am not crafty.

Here's a peek at what I have been making:

crayon rolls

baby blocks and baby rings
a sign for a baby shower
tag blanket for my new niece... i think she liked it :o)
crinkle toys:

this was a no sew project - super easy. it took about 30 minutes including the cutting - a tutu for my baby


joy said...

and you say you're not crafty? whatever. everything looks great.

denise said...

You're making the funnest stuff! ("Funnest" doesn't seem grammatically correct, but whatev.) My mom got a fancy new sewing machine and offered me her old one, but I've been too intimated to try it. I think you've inspired me to give it a try.

Stephanie said...

Nice work. You are now officially Suzy Homemaker in my book! ie.) Great food, creative ideas, inventive, and crafty. I'm proud of you friend!

Rachel Slagle said...

love the tag blanket and i adore the cute tutu! you're going to have to start doing some tutorials just like lindsey with all your craftiness!

Short Stop said...

Everything is just amazing.

I would like to testify to the adorableness of those capes!!! THEY ARE AWESOME, people!!

K - Jack loves it. And, he's wearing it around the house as I type - pretending to be Zorro.

You are awesome, my friend! Thank you so much!!!

nicole said...

i have the same sewing machine and i really like it. haven't had a problem with it and i've had it for a little over a year.
you are doing great. i need to know how to make that stuff. we'll have to sew together sometime

Alana said...

Wow, Kristen! I'm amazed! I haven't touched a sewing machine since we first got married, I just wasn't very good at it!

Denise said...

first, i do not like that you have another denise commenter (no offense other denise). by the way i think i will just refer to her as "other denise."

and second, i NEED all the tutorials. yes, the ones from lindsey too. and i need them sent with cookies :-), but not until after my reunion, after you get back from seattle ("other denise" doesn't even know you are going to seattle).

third "other denise" can never have your cookies. sorry "other denise"

Stacey said...

You are so awesome....eveything is so neat! Although you sound very convincing I still am not so sure I could do it myself!

Thanks again - Stacey

Susan said...

You look pretty crafty to me

Lynn said...

I guess you have to drop the "not crafty" title now...because, girl....YOU'RE CRAFTY!!!

Camille LOVES her crinkle toy. Thanks for sharing your talent with us non-sewing folk.

Janelle said...

STEP AWAY FROM THE SEWING MACHINE...you making me look bad!

hee hee

Seriously cute!

Jessica Brown said...

i'm totally impressed! nice job. i love it all - but especially the capes. how fun!

and the sewing machine tends to make me feel intimidated, too! but i'm learning.

Sarah Markley said...

OH MY FREAK! How cute! I knew you were talented but I had NO IDEA!! I only could wish...

Wonderful Kristen.

Miss you, friend.

lindsey said...

wow you've been busy! getting good use out of your new machine - good girl! everything looks fabulous!

Jenni S. said...

Kristen these are awesome!!! You inspire me to break the bonds of fear I have toward my sewing machine. LOL. Hope your trip to Seattle was good!

Loretta said...

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