Salsa Time!

My husband grew up eating Mexican food.  Spicy, hot Mexican food.

He has been on a quest to find a perfect salsa.  A salsa that even his mild palette, no big chunks of onions and peppers eating wife would enjoy.

A few years ago our neighbors in Minnesota brought us a jar of salsa.  A salsa that had a hint of sweet with the spice and there were no chunks!  We were both hooked.  

In order to have as much of the salsa as we wanted, we Lance started a salsa garden.  Our crop this year has been plentiful.  We Lance and Morgan have canned about 20 jars of salsa and we have a crop of tomatoes ready to be made into another batch.

As much as Lance loves this salsa, he still enjoys a hot, spicy, chunky salsa.  Anyone with an easy, yummy recipe??

tomatoes on the grill (note: do NOT use your wife's pampered chef stoneware on the grill, it will crack)
onions ready for the grill
mixing up the cooked tomatoes
salsa cooking

Salsa Recipe:
22 large tomatoes (with or without peel)
5 large onions
9-11 jalepenos - (leave seeds in if you want it hot)
1/4 c salt
1 c vinegar
2 - 12 oz cans of tomato paste
2 large bell peppers
3/4 c sugar
Add garlic to taste

Chop all ingredients to the texture of your choice (or use food processor or blender)  Cook 30-40 minutes. Put in a jar with lids and rings. Hot water bath for 20 minutes.

* pat and lance grill the tomatoes and onions to give the salsa a more smokey taste.  

** i will admit i am pretty clueless about the salsa making process. i do 100% of the cooking/baking in our home but this is lance's project.  i am more than happy to sit back and just enjoy the fruits of his labor.


Jenni S. said...

Thanks for the recipe, Kristen! We are always on the lookout for a good slasa recipe! I have posted a few salsa recipes on my blog, though they'd probably only be considered mild/medium spice (though if you had more jalepenos and/or chili powder/cayenne pepper you could spice things up). And ours our more onion-based with tomatoes than tomato-based.

Janelle said...

Kristen! It has been so long since I have read any blogs. I miss you. That picture of your family is BREATHTAKING! I want to live there on those mountains! WOW! How have you been? I hope you and your family are doing great! Hugs, friend!

Denise said...

not on the bbq, the grill :-)

looks yummy, i'll be right over "neighbor"

Alana said...

I want some of that salsa...does it ship as well as cookies? Kidding!! I know I better watch what I say or you will take me seriously and send me some for real. Mmmm, still happy about those cookies!

Rachel Slagle said...

wow! that salsa looks and sounds great! we love mexican food too and salsa is something we can't live without. one of our "go to" recipes is super easy.

1 can rotel mexican fiesta tomatoes
1 16oz can diced tomatoes
1 bunch green onions (both the green and white parts)
1 bunch cilantro
garlic salt to taste

all you do is dump it all into the food processor and pulse it a few times. we like it not too chunky, so i run the processor until everything is well combined. if i'm making it for "the guys" i'll throw in a habanero pepper as well.

i have a few more salsas that we make - i'll have to post them on my blog soon :)

Wife2Jason said...

Sounds yummy-lisous!
Did you have a little funeral for your stonewear?? So sad.