Secret Agent Spy Party

for about six months, landon has been talking about having a spy party.
i had grand plans of creating some cute invitations but then 2012 starting kicking my rear and the invitations were not coming together like i had hoped.
so i searched etsy and found spy party invitations.
they were perfect!

the decorations were simple.
i used the circles from the party pack and glued them on sticks.  i put them in stemless wine glasses filled with shredded paper.
along the table i used black and red shredded paper topped with leftover goodie bag items {magnifying glasses and black and red spy glass} as well as leftover cupcake toppers.
i hung some bigger circles attached to card stock from the light above the table.
of course our secret agents needed a disguise while having cupcakes and drinks so we had little mustaches on their straws.

landon and i had so much fun coming up with activities for his party!
all our little secret agents went through spy training.
first, they did physical training.  the kids were split into two groups and ran a relay.  they had to do jumping jacks, push ups, up downs, cross the monkey bars, climb the rock wall, down our slide, and race to their next team mate. their was definitely lots of laughter and cheering!
secondly, we kept the kids in their teams and split them up into two stations.  one station was target practice. the kids practice shooting nerf darts at a target.  the other station was decoding secret messages.
after the kids got through those two stations, we all got back together and the kids practiced going through laser beams.  lance did a great job creating a maze of red yarn in our butler's pantry.  my kids loved it so much they played in it for days after the party.
the kids had one final thing to do in training, they had to defuse bombs. i had blown up about 50 black balloons that were the bombs. we let the boys loose in the room to pop the balloons. it was quite loud but the boys loved it.

 after all the spy activities, it was time to fuel up our little secret agents.  
landon choose to have brownie cupcakes for his party.
i just added frosting, sprinkles, and cupcake toppers.
super easy!

i love how his goodie bags turned out.
i ordered the buckets from marta's shop. they were super cute!
the buckets were filled with spy glasses, magnifying glasses, mustaches, mini notebooks, decoder pens, and mini finger lights.

this was such a fun, easy party and perfect for my little secret agent!


Jenni S. said...

So cute and so creative, Kristen! What an awesome idea for a party!

Leah in Iowa said...

You sure went all-out for his party. Looked like everyone had a great time! Who wouldn't love all that stuff!? Job well done!

Linda Z said...

You killed it, Kristen!! This looks like so much fun!! :) I love the yarn maze... looks like lasers! :)

Denise said...

cute party. you are a good mom. very intentional about the details.