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happy monday!

we had a full weekend and we are in the home stretch to the end of the school year.
only 3 week of school left until summer break!
i put together the last lesson plans for the year 
it feels great to see the light at the end of the tunnel

just a little warning... this is a big photo dump from my phone over the last few months
just a little glimpse of our life this spring
landon and our neighbor amiah celebrated their birthdays with dinner at texas roadhouse
they were excited to for the waiters and waitresses to sing to them

while i get my gray covered, my kiddos chill in the kiddie area, eat snacks, and watch a movie
they pretty much take over the area
stretch out and get comfy
they love it!

i've been eyeing these chairs from pier 1 ever since i saw one in my friends house
i totally fell in love with them
when i saw them on clearance i snagged them for our front room which has been an empty space for far too long
i know this will be a new favorite spot for me to read and enjoy the afternoon sunshine

morgan and i put together these goodie bags for her team at their state meet
i had marta make the little buckets
we threw in some candy, a headband, and a magnet that we made from these cut outs
i love how the goodie bags turned out!

we took a field trip to one of lance's clients dairy
as we were touring the nursery we found a calf that had just been born
welcome to the world baby calf!

this little girl LOVES ice cream
i think she would eat it every single day
this is how she likes to roll with her ice cream
straight from the container

i was watching the video for the esther bible study i am working through
mauryn wanted to watch it with me
she got out her bible, pencil, and made herself a booklet to take notes
so cute!

draw something... new game addiction in this house
i can NOT draw
i feel for my friends i am playing against
its so much fun!
to help my draw something game playing, i used my blow money to buy a stylus
i am pretty convinced it helps... or at least i tell myself it helps :o)

mauryn always wants to help in the kitchen
she knows there will be spoons, spatulas, beaters, and bowls to lick
this is serious business
she is not going to miss anything left in the bowl

somewhere in this mess of kids in mauryn
for weeks she had talking about the bucket of eggs hanging over the pool at our rec center
she wanted to go do the egg hunt at the pool
we got there early and it was crowded
as the time for the egg hunt approached it got even more crowded
it was total chaos
when they dumped the eggs i could feel a little panic rise as kids were scrambling everywhere to get eggs as they feel into the pool
mauryn popped out with her bag full of eggs
she loved every minute of the chaos
me, not so much
on easter eve we finally sat down to decorate eggs

this year i tried kool aid colored eggs i saw on pinterest
the colors were bright and it smelled great!
there were some colors that worked better than others but it was fun to try something new

baseball season is in full swing

after a long, very trying day with my 5 year old drama queen
i treated myself to a hot fudge sundae
i did make it with frozen yogurt so it was semi healthy, right?

the spy party activities continue
landon was working on creating messages in secret code for morgan

we went to breakfast on our last morning of spring break
we headed to our local airport so we could watch the airplanes and have plane cakes

thank you sonic!
the only reason to smile after tax day.

landon has been rollerblading every day
he loves cruising around on our path
mauryn inherited a pair of skates from some friends
she loves them and tries very hard to keep up with her brother

my morning drink line up:
hot tea to warm up {mint medley most often... yum!}
smoothie for breakfast
water to rehydrate after a workout

the kids wanted to make a fort the other day
i was in project mode and it was raining outside so i let my OCD slide and let them build
they ended up moving and turning the couches upside down
they loved it!

they got really creative and used the hole in the couch as a bunk bed for the babies

we have had a friend of ours staying with us while she does an internship with lance's practice
we decided to drive up into the mountains a bit to show her other parts of idaho
we went to a little town we have never been to before but is only about 1 1/2 hours from here
as we were walking through town we came upon two horses tied up, with riffles on them, in the designated horse parking area
not something you see everyday
the day we were in the mountains it was warm
we got the kids ice cream before we headed for home
mauryn finished her ice cream and then helped landon finish his off too
i told you this girl LOVES ice cream

amy had posted about cookie butter from trader joe's
it looked so yummy!
we don't have a trader joe's
amy mentioned i might be able to find it at world market
our world market did not have cookie butter but we had biscoff spread which is cookie butters twin sister
the first jar didn't even last a week
my kids would eat it out of the jar with a spoon
its so yummy!
last week, i found it in my grocery store. i was so excited!
my plan this week is to try it in a smoothie.
can't wait!
the sunshine was calling my boys name last week
he still wasn't finished with his school work so he convinced me that he could focus outside in the empty pool sitting on a lawn chair
he did pretty well!

 mauryn's bear came along with us while we ran errands
the center console became its car seat
it was perfect!

 over spring break i took my littles to see mirror mirror {it was pretty cute}
on our way out of the theater mauryn wanted to sit in the red queen chair in the lobby
it was a perfect fit for my drama queen

we had two thunderstorms last week
that is unheard of in april
we get rain but rarely ever thunder and lightning
it was a rare treat

how was your week?

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Denise said...

i did the esther-ogen study a couple years ago. it was good.

i miss ice cream. i hate sbd. michael is negative 9lbs. jerk. i need ice cream to console me. your cookies would console me. only 24 more days!

marvin is funny. i'm looking forward to seeing your drama queen.

{cuppakim} said...

that couch fort looks incredible!
i heart ice cream too. good thing i don't eat it too often.

and i can't buy this cookie butter biz. it would be terrible life choice.
instead i just pull it off the shelf at tj's, look at it, have a little imaginary play, and then put it back. ;)

Linda Z said...

I love Draw Something!! I'm mrsz500 if you wanna draw with me!! An underwater egg hunt... that is one of the craziest things I've ever heard!! Ha!

Love you new chairs, they are gorgeous. I see why you couldn't resist. :)

I also want waiters and waitresses to sing to me. Where can I do that? There used to be a chain in CA called Bobby McGees and I loved it because all the servers would dress up and act out a character. Some would sing, too. I loved it! :)

Camille said...

Looks like you had an eventful spring break! I just recently moved to Idaho. Which part are you from?

Amy said...

Yay! So glad you found the "crack butter" and love it, but please don't blame me for your addiction! ;-) Let me know what you think of it in a smoothie! XO

JuRita said...

so fun to get to know you that much more! just sent you a letter today.. and I thought "i need to look up her blog again!" LOVE your morning drink line up. one of these i want to get a juicer and use that to jumpstart my day!(my 6:30 arise time..that is ;))