Scooters and Swings

If you have read my blog for any amount of time you know that we have awesome neighbors who are our family here in Idaho. Our kids have developed strong friendships that can sometimes mimic sibling relationships. It is no more evident than in how Mauryn {age 3 1/2}and their Cooper {age 2 1/2} get along. These two beg to play with each other but are very competitive with each other. Can you say strong personalities... times two!

The other day Cooper decided to hop on a scooter and cruise up and down the sidewalk.
Up until that day Mauryn had showed no interest in using a scooter. Even when her siblings would ride their scooters she would just follow along on her bike. She did not want to be outdone by Cooper, so Mauryn went to the garage, got out a scooter, and tried to keep up with Coop.

As much as these two compete with each other, they also have their very sweet moments of loving each other and being the best of friends. After their morning of racing on scooters, they spent part of the afternoon swinging side by side their laughter carrying across the yard.

As frustrating as their play time can be with the clashing of their competitive strong willed natures, there are moments like these that stick in my memory and hopefully theirs as well.


4th of July

Each year on the Sunday closest to the Fourth of July our church has a patriotic church service and then a picnic after church. This year since the Fourth of July fell on a Sunday, that special service and picnic were held on the Fourth of July.

Over the past few years it has been so hot that we would eat and head home for the air conditioning. This year the weather was gorgeous! I think our high was upper 70's or low 80's. It was so nice to be able to sit, relax, visit, and enjoy the sunshine into the afternoon.

Our friends John and Kim and their boys were back in Idaho visiting family. John's sister was gracious enough to open up her home for a BBQ. Once we returned from the church picnic and had a short rest/nap time we headed out of town. The kids had a great time playing outside and they really wore themselves out! Of course the highlight of the evening was fireworks. The kids enjoyed throwing the pop rocks and playing with the sparklers. The big boys really enjoyed putting on a great fireworks show for all of us.

It was a great way to spend our Fourth of July!

How did you spend your Fourth?


{almost} wordless wednesday: because it's my birthday

i am indulging my two favorite things:
* sippin' a fountain soda and
* vanilla ice cream mixed with fresh baked chocolate chip cookies... yum!
i will probably feel sick later tonight or tomorrow but it is so worth it :o)

my baby thought we should do some self portraits since it was my birthday - she put on lip gloss and her "fancy" sundress just for me
"because its your birfday mama i am taking a pichure of me"
my baby reminded me, and anyone we came in contact with today that it was my "birfday" it was so fun to see her so excited to celebrate although she is a tiny bit upset i didn't make a cake with pretty pink "sfrinkles" :o)



Yes it is July and the title for my post is maycation because i am that far behind!!

The kids and I had been looking forward to maycation {also known as "i don't care" cation and carb cation} since we left bass lake last year.

We loaded up the car early one morning and started the 12 hour drive to California to spend a week here
with Denise Jones, Sarah Markley, and their families {you can read their posts about maycation here, here, and here that were posted you know in may.}

Our first morning was a little chilly so to pass the time before we made our way to the beach, the girls decided to put on a fashion show for their American Girl dolls. It was very entertaining and the judges {michael and denise jones} were quite tough!

One of the highlights for the kids was swimming/canoeing over the island right off the beach. They loved the freedom of all that space to run and play.
Even though the water was a little bit chilly {only 54 degrees} for swimming, the kids liked to play on the tube or jump off the top of the pontoon.
One of the best things about our week in Bass Lake is watching our kids play and develop their friendships. It is fun to see them find joy in each other and pick up their friendships from where they left off last summer.
One of the highlights for me, was getting to spend quality time with these two wonderful ladies.
{photos courtesy of Michael Jones photography}

On our last day in California, Denise and I packed up the kids and went to Yosemite National Park. I had driven through the park last year on my way to the lake but had not stopped to look or explore. I was excited to have a personal tour guide to show us the highlights.

Our week at the lake was exactly what I needed after our school year ended. It was filled with laughter, joy, relaxation, and the comfort of spending time with friends who are just like family.

I can't wait for next year!