{almost} wordless wednesday: because it's my birthday

i am indulging my two favorite things:
* sippin' a fountain soda and
* vanilla ice cream mixed with fresh baked chocolate chip cookies... yum!
i will probably feel sick later tonight or tomorrow but it is so worth it :o)

my baby thought we should do some self portraits since it was my birthday - she put on lip gloss and her "fancy" sundress just for me
"because its your birfday mama i am taking a pichure of me"
my baby reminded me, and anyone we came in contact with today that it was my "birfday" it was so fun to see her so excited to celebrate although she is a tiny bit upset i didn't make a cake with pretty pink "sfrinkles" :o)


All My Monkeys said...

Haha. That's cute. sfrinkles. :D

And yay for July birthdays. ;)

Jenni S. said...

That is precious, Kristen. Looks like you had a great day!

Denise said...

happy birthdayyyyyy tooo youuuuu!

i had it on my calendar, even mentioned it to you tuesday, and i forgot to call yesterday!! what a loser i am.


this is a great post.

i'm glad you indulged in some of your favorite things.

did i say i love you?

i'm so GLAD GOD made YOU!

Stephanie said...

Looking good Mrs. Cheney! Glad you treated yourself to your favorites.

Janelle said...

Happy Birthday! What a cute thing you are! I love your pichures!

Simply Sara said...

ok that is just way too sweet :)
glad you had such a great birfday!

ice cream with fresh choc. chip cookies?!?! ahhhhh! now i need to go make some cookies....

p.s love love LOVE your glasses :)