Scooters and Swings

If you have read my blog for any amount of time you know that we have awesome neighbors who are our family here in Idaho. Our kids have developed strong friendships that can sometimes mimic sibling relationships. It is no more evident than in how Mauryn {age 3 1/2}and their Cooper {age 2 1/2} get along. These two beg to play with each other but are very competitive with each other. Can you say strong personalities... times two!

The other day Cooper decided to hop on a scooter and cruise up and down the sidewalk.
Up until that day Mauryn had showed no interest in using a scooter. Even when her siblings would ride their scooters she would just follow along on her bike. She did not want to be outdone by Cooper, so Mauryn went to the garage, got out a scooter, and tried to keep up with Coop.

As much as these two compete with each other, they also have their very sweet moments of loving each other and being the best of friends. After their morning of racing on scooters, they spent part of the afternoon swinging side by side their laughter carrying across the yard.

As frustrating as their play time can be with the clashing of their competitive strong willed natures, there are moments like these that stick in my memory and hopefully theirs as well.


joy said...

somehow i have missed your last few blog posts. we lead such similar lives! we have a similar neighborhood as well. and our birthdays are only 4 days apart! happy belated birthday, kristen!

Simply Sara said...

they are so cute together.
is it to early to predict wedding bells??

Denise said...

"marvin" is such a funny girl. what a fun little relationship they have with each other.

Sarah Markley said...

oh my. mauryn is so cute i could just eat her.

not really.

but really....

Pat & Valerie Berg said...

So cute they are....and you worded it just perfectly! One second BFF and the next they are screaming at each other! Can't believe I missed this entry! I love your 4th of July kid header too! Your shirts turned out amazing! Let me know when I give you my order!