Hello, hello is there anyone out there??? my three or four readers???

I have been on a very unintentional hiatus.

This summer has been a bit of a blur. Since being gone for most of June, we have continued on our whirlwind summer. Between swimming lessons, gymnastics, birthday parties, prepping for school, and life in general the time each day just flies by and there has not been much time for uploading photos, writing blog posts, or even reading blog posts.

We started up with school {which is a post on its own} on Monday, even though we are still on Morgan's summer gymnastics schedule I needed some type of routine. I am using the word routine loosely as we won't get into our normal schedule until Morgan starts back on her fall gymnastics schedule at the end of the month. Now that we are into more of a routine I hope to get caught up, I have many stories, thoughts, and photos to share.


Stinker and Trick's Mom said...
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OCMom said...

I've been reading your blog for a little while now and am glad to see you're back! Looks like you had a great summer...good luck with starting school up. We are first timers at homeschooling this year and start on Monday!

Pat & Valerie Berg said...

um hello!?!?! So glad you're back to 'routine'! And loved all your summer trip pictures and stories! I am on a roll today too....keep it up!

Stacey said...

I'm pretty sure you have more than 3 or 4 readers because me, Anna & Ross are 3 right there! Anna was so excited to tell me that you had many new posts on your blog! I told her I was going to start at the bottom and read my way up so here I go....thanks for sharing!


Susan said...

wow I have a lot to catch up on, I will admit I kind of quit checking after seeing you hadn't been updating. I am excited to get caught up on everything