THE Wedding

The main reason for the timing of our trip back home was for a wedding. THE wedding.

THE wedding of two of our favorite people. Two people whom we love and adore.
THE wedding that got my husband to take his first week off of work since we moved 5 years ago.
THE wedding that brought us back into the fold of our church family and friends that we haven't seen since we have moved to Idaho.
THE wedding that felt like coming home.

Our week in Minnesota was filled with waiting and anticipation for this day. I knew this day would be emotional, a little bittersweet. The joy of watching our friends get married and of seeing our deeply missed friends but also a bit of sadness for not being part of that community on a daily basis.
{mauryn snoozing on the way to the wedding}

We arrived at the church early so we could visit with friends before the ceremony. As soon as we parked the car we were met with familiar faces. I immediately teared up. It felt good to be in the presence of our friends.

The ceremony was beautiful. Leslie was a gorgeous bride and Pastor Joel {Derek, the grooms father} gave an amazing message. I am not sure there was a dry eye in the church. As we were leaving the ceremony to head to the reception, guests were walking off to a field. I turned to my friend and asked what was happening. She said Derek had planned a surprise for Leslie to get them to the reception.

Forgot the traditional limo or bus for the wedding party, they traveled to their wedding reception by helicopter. You heard me, helicopter. I seriously felt like there should be TV cameras somewhere, almost like a scene from The Bachelor. It was so fun!
When we arrived at the reception and went to get our table assignments, they handed Lance two buckets. The buckets were filled with crayons, paper, puzzles, games, snacks, and small toys to keep the little ones entertained while waiting for dinner and the dance. It was perfect and it really helped to keep Landon and Mauryn busy so we were free to visit.
My girls and I with the beautiful bride
My dear sweet friend Jennifer
Mauryn had a blast at the dance. If she wasn't cutting the rug, she loved swinging on the staircase.
One of the fun touches they had at the reception was a photo booth. All the guests were asked to take photos in the booth. The guests received one copy and then a copy went into their guest book where you wrote a message with their picture. So fun!
One of the people we were most excited to see at the wedding was our friend Sam. Sam has always loved our kids. Landon has loved Sam since he was a baby. loved him. From the time he was an infant until he we moved Sam was so special to Landon. I don't think Landon remembers Sam, five years later but he was immediately drawn to him again. It was so cute and Sam was so sweet with him. Landon is even convinced he is moving to Minnesota to be in Sam's first grade class.

Derek and Leslie, we are so thankful we were able to part of your special day.


Lynn said...

Wow, Kristen....LOTS of new posts here! What a fabulous trip home for you. Looks like everyone was as glad to see you as you were to see them.

Simply Sara said...

Oh how I've missed you! Looks like you've had a wonderful summer.

Sounds like an amazing wedding. Your heart is so very beautiful, I can just feel the love you have for your friends and family in the words you share.

My sister is getting married in the fall and I am definitely going to tell her about the toy bucket for the kids- SUCH A GREAT IDEA!!!
And the photobooth idea is super fun too!

Denise said...

a helicopter! you didn't share that tid-bit when we talked. how fun!!

you look GORGEOUS!!

Susan said...

so much FUN. the bride is stunning as are you and your girls in that photo. They had one of those booths at our 20th hs reunion, so much fun.