Trip to MN

Only one week after returning from Bass Lake, the kids and I packed up again for another road trip. This time we were heading for Minnesota.... a 23 hour road trip. Even though my kids are amazing little travelers, this was our biggest adventure yet and I was a little nervous.

The kids were up at the crack of dawn on the morning of our departure. They were so excited for our trip. We were off to an early start on a cool and gloomy morning. It rained the entire 15 hours of our first day. The kids were troopers. We got up early the next morning and made the 8 hour trek to my parents house. The kids did am
azingly well with the long road trip and kept up with our busy schedule while we were in Minnesota. As wonderful as it is to go back home it is never a restful trip. We had a great week spending time with our family and friends.

what to do with 15 hours in the car when it is pouring rain: sleep and watch a movie

we couldn't pass through south dakota without a pit stop at wall drug

a trip home isn't complete without a day spent at the mall of america
on the top of my girls' list was a stop at the american girl store
here is mauryn waiting patiently for her doll addie to get her hair done
the little girl cousins at the american girl store
while the girls were at the american girl store the boys went to legoland {i didn't get there in time to get any photos} and had a blast. thanks to grandma the girls got treasures at american girl store and boys at legoland.

we couldn't leave the mall without the kids doing a few rides. as i was going to buy the tickets a man walked up and asked if we wanted the rest of their tickets. there were enough points for the kids to all do 3 rides. what an awesome gift!

this picture cracks me up... mauryn was totally crying and complaining about the ride when it started but was laughing and loving it by the time it was over. there is one thing i have really learned about her this summer: as outgoing and independent as she can be when she is comfortable she is really hesitant when it comes to new things and needs a little bit of a nudge to try new things.
while we finished at the mall of america, my boys went to a minnesota twins game at the new target field. thanks to my brother david for scoring them so sweet seats for the game. landon loved taking the light rail right from the mall to the new stadium. landon loved every minute of the game and sat through the entire game.
a trip home wouldn't have been complete without hanging out with our big cousins,
hanging with our little cousins, climbing trees, practicing gymnastics,
riding the tractor with grandpa, riding the four wheeler,
and making new friends.


Jeni said...

You drove for 15 hours with three children?! You really are super Mom! :)

Stacey said...

Looks like a super trip! I didn't realize that there is a Legoland there. I have been talking that I think it'd be neat to take the kids to San Diego.....they've never been to Cali and thought that if we go there we could go to Legoland too. Did the boys really enjoy it there or is it like any other amusement park?

Denise said...

fun pix. is that your dad in the tractor?

i've been to the mall of america. i thought you should know that.

Susan said...

that trip makes me tired just reading about it..man that was a lot to pack in. Looks like so much fun though