Fire Camp and S'mores

At the start of every summer we always have high hopes of having a few camp fires in our neighbors awesome fire pit but we usually end up fitting in only one or two.

This year it took us until the very end of July to find a summer night to roast marshmallows and eat s'mores. Campfire nights are a highlight of summer for my kids. It is my kind of camping: fire, blankets, s'mores, and then sleep in a house with a bed and running water. Yes, perfect!

the kids ready for roasting marshmallows
it is often my sweet boy will crawl up in my lap and snuggle so i take advantage any time... and got pictures to prove it. i even snuck in a little smooch. he thinks he is getting to big to get kisses from him mama :o(
i am not sure how you do s'mores at your house but we are not a regular s'more type of family.... the hershey bar is a little too plain so we shake things up with reese's and twix. add a perfectly browned marshmallow and there is a little bit of deliciousness.
the roaring fire and some taste testers
mauryn explaining what we are doing that evening.... not a camp fire but a fire camp :o)


Pat & Valerie Berg said...

Oh my - love it! I don't think I even have enough photos from this summer to blog any FIRE CAMP photos! Guess we gotta do more!

Simply Sara said...

that's it. i'm coming over!

you make awesome s'mores. we are boring hershey bar people... but i think we'll need to spice it up now :)

Cathi Hamen said...

we do reeses too but have not tried twix! hmmm something to try before school begins! thnx!!

Todd Lusk said...

If you really, really want to mix up S'mores...try making them with Saltine crackers sometime! I'm telling you, everyone thinks I'm crazy, but just humor me and try it. Ask Lisa!

Denise said...

and i had given up on you my blog friend.

you had me at smores....i want one now!

KristyBeth said...

The big guy yawning and yakking in the background is a big distracting... but Miss M is ADORABLE! :)