How Does Your Garden Grow??

One summer when we were visiting Minnesota the kids were able to help harvest the crop from the garden at my parents house. They loved digging potatoes and picking beans.

Since that time they have wanted to have a garden, not just our salsa garden but a "real" garden.

In late May, Lance and the kids constructed planter boxes for the garden,
found the perfect spot for them on the side of our house, and
dug out the boxes to prepare them for planting.

They planted potatoes, green beans, pumpkins, carrots, and onions in the planter boxes. They also planted tomatoes and peppers in the salsa garden. This has been a great project for the kids and they have loved every minute of it. They are already planning what to plant next spring.

This is the garden in late June/early July.
We have had a bumper crop of tomatoes this year. Lance and Pat have canned salsa three times and we still have a bunch of tomatoes. I am thinking about using some of the tomatoes to make pasta/pizza sauce to freeze. Anyone have a good recipe? {i would prefer to freeze sauce rather than can it}

The kids are most excited about the pumpkins!

Our potatoes and carrots from the garden... they were so good. There is just something about eating food you have grown in your garden.

Do you garden?