Bye Bye Baby Curls



* i weighed mauryn this morning to check her progress with gaining weight, and she was up one pound since her doctors visit last month (according to my scale). we are so thankful she has gained some weight and are hopeful to see her gain more weight before her next doctors appointment in february.


Merry Christmas

from the Crazy Cheney Clan!

May your day be filled with family, fun, and the joy of celebrating our Savior's birth!


Wordless Wednesday: Building a Snowman

Apparently White TShirts are Required

to make lefse at our house this year.
Lance and Mauryn rolling it out
Morgan and Landon the lefse turners
Landon concentrating on the task at hand
Lance rolling out the lefse
Mauryn - I can do it myself


Glittered Candlesticks

On a regular basis Morgan reads Lindsey's blog to see what type of projects she is working on or checks her shop to see  what new items she has created.  (By the way, if you haven't checked out her shop... go now. Cute cute stuff.)

Morgan has crafty mom envy. 

I have crafty mom envy. (There is not one crafty bone in my thirty five year old body)

A little over a week ago, Lindsey posted a tutorial on glittered candlesticks.  As soon as Morgan saw them she wanted to make them. It sparkled. It involved glitter. She was sold.

Since we are cutting back on our spending for gifts this year (thanks to FPU), Morgan and I decided she could make the candlesticks for her piano teacher.

The candlesticks were super easy to make, inexpensive, and really cute.  Thanks Lindsey for the great idea!

candlestick before
glue and glitter
the finished product


There's A Whole Lotta Baking Going On

My kitchen floor has been covered in flour and sugar over the past few weeks.  We have been on a bit of a baking marathon, trying out new recipes from Sarah's 25 Days Of Christmas Cookie Countdown and making some of our favorite recipes.  

I love to bake, especially with my kids, and we have been having so much fun.  We've delivered some treats to friends and neighbors, some are in the freezer for Christmas, and plenty have been eaten.  

One of my favorite cookies to make with the kids is roll out sugar cookies.  It brings back memories from my childhood baking cookies with my mom and my grandma.  One thing I always loved was my mom and my grandma's tin cookie cutters.  Last year, my mom sent me some of her tin cookie cutters to start my own collection.  It was so sweet to see my kids using the same cookie cutters I used as a little girl, making memories that will last them a lifetime.

some of my tin cookie cutters

dipping pretzels
getting the sprinkles just right

pressing caramels into the dough
unwrapping caramels
unwrapping caramels, eating a few along the way

rolling the dough

landon's turn
"i roll it myself"

working together

using all her muscles to cut out that cookie
the face of a baker- covered in flour
completed roll outs
sugar cookies with candy cane kisses

the sandbakkelse pre baking
the finished sandbakkelse
the cookie bakers having an indoor picnic


I Didn't Get Off Easy

Since she could grasp a crayon, she has been interested in "writing".

She even finds interesting things to use for writing, like eye liner. All over my bathroom.

Remember how I thought I got off easy compared to my hand turkey. My masterpiece I drew in crayon on the white wall of my parents living room on the day of my brother's graduation party.

Well, turns out I didn't get off easy. Mauryn decided to decorate our front entry wall yesterday. With a purple crayon. 

If the crayon doesn't come off, we (I mean Lance) will be doing some touch up painting over the weekend before our Christmas guests arrive.

Thanks Mauryn for your beautiful artwork. I love seeing it on my walls only in the future let's show it off in frames on the wall.

purple crayon on the wall -hard to see with the glare but trust me its there

the artist checking out her work
"here it is mama" (ignore her pig pen, ragamuffin look - these were taken right after breakfast)