Thanksgiving in Minnesota

Disclaimer:  There are a bunch of pictures in this post. I was going to put them in a slide show, but time is just getting away from me. So feel free to skip any/all of the photos.  My brain isn't working in paragraph form today, so this post is just in statements.

Highlights of our trip:
- a dinner with friends from college
- a day spent with our former neighbors
- a day trip to the Mall of America (rides, American Girl store, and lunch at the Rainforest Cafe)
- spending Thanksgiving Day with my family - and all the yummy food
- meeting my brother's girlfriend - the first time he has ever brought a girl home - and we love her!
- watching my kids strengthen relationships with their cousins
- seeing Twilight with my nieces
- making lefse
- eating my moms homemade cinnamon rolls and lots of lefse -yummy!
- Morgan and Landon having a sleepover with their cousins
- hanging out with the family
- having time to read - I finished three books!  Three Weeks with My Brother by Nicholas Sparks (good book), Just Beyond the Clouds by Karen Kingsbury (it was okay, not one of my favorites of hers) and Twilight by Stephanie Meyer (had to read it before I saw the movie - it was definitely a light easy read)

Lowlights of our trip:
- Mauryn waking up on Thanksgiving with the flu, then Landon and I got sick later in the week, and Morgan got sick while traveling home
- our unexpected 13 hour layover in Portland, OR (due to weather) with a sick child (but it could have been much worse)

Morgan and Kierstin playing with the camera

Landon hanging with cousin Ben
Elephant faces at dinner
Mauryn is the official beater licker (nice bed head babe)
Cousin Ayla and Morgan helping Grandma with the cinnamon rolls
Morgan watching her doll "Ellen" get her hair done at the AG store
Morgan and "Ellen" fresh from the salon - new hair do and ears pierced
The cousins on the wonderpet ride at MOA
Morgan and cousin Ayla on the Swiper ride at MOA
Mauryn laughing at the kids on the rides
Landon and I on the Swiper ride
Landon concentrating on his creation in Legoland
Mauryn tired out from a day at MOA
My nephew Ian retrieving a football from the top of the tree. Landon tried to climb this tree too.  Good thing he can't make it too far yet.  
I am SOO jealous of that bowl of ice cream. He eats one this size almost every day. Oh to have that metabolism!
Hanging out at my brother and sister - in- laws
My mom and sister - a familiar scene while growing up - my sister always snuggling on someone.
Sawyer saying good bye to Mauryn
The comparison -3rd oldest cousin to 3rd youngest cousin
Playing "giddy up" with Hannah
Landon dressed up for the squirt gun fight in my brother and sister-in-laws house
Landon in the Portland airport, waiting to get home


Shawna said...

I am glad that you guys had a good time. Memories with family are so great! I am sorry about the sickness and lay over! Thanks for sharing about your trip.

Lynn said...

I looked at every picture and read every blurb...

My favorite is Mauryn getting excited watching the others on a ride.

Looks like a wonderful trip overall. Such memories...

Jessica Brown said...

looks like a WONderful time! how great for the kids to get to spend so much time with cousins!

Krista said...

Sooo much fun! I've been excited to see pics and hear how the trip went! I bet you are happy to be home!

Dave and Jenni said...

Oh how fun (other than the flu!). And Mall of America...it's like the mother ship. LOL. Sounds like you all had a great time!

Joyful Weddings and Events said...

Looks like so much fun!