I Didn't Get Off Easy

Since she could grasp a crayon, she has been interested in "writing".

She even finds interesting things to use for writing, like eye liner. All over my bathroom.

Remember how I thought I got off easy compared to my hand turkey. My masterpiece I drew in crayon on the white wall of my parents living room on the day of my brother's graduation party.

Well, turns out I didn't get off easy. Mauryn decided to decorate our front entry wall yesterday. With a purple crayon. 

If the crayon doesn't come off, we (I mean Lance) will be doing some touch up painting over the weekend before our Christmas guests arrive.

Thanks Mauryn for your beautiful artwork. I love seeing it on my walls only in the future let's show it off in frames on the wall.

purple crayon on the wall -hard to see with the glare but trust me its there

the artist checking out her work
"here it is mama" (ignore her pig pen, ragamuffin look - these were taken right after breakfast)


lindsey said...

you mean you don't have your kids all dressed and ready for the day, hair perfectly in place before breakfast? i'm shocked! actually, she looks a lot better than my kids do even after we're ready for the day! sorry about the walls - guess it was payback from your past? and how can you get upset with that sweet little face!

Shan said...

No need to paint! Just use a magic eraser from mr. clean!! They take everything off - even pen - it's amazing!!! (And I'm not even getting paid to say that!!)

My twins once decorated my whole wall on our stairway with lipstick - crayons - markers, and their faces too! We didn't have magic eraser back then!!!! That called for paint!

Where was the mom you ask???? The phone of course (we didn't have computers back then either!)

Kym said...

My work of art was purple as well. I was three and it looked like a nice big map of California in the living room of my mother's brand new house with the stark white walls of the 70's! And back then they didn't have a magic eraser! Magic eraser works well, but can scuff if the paint has a gloss or color. Most places it works great! Trust me I have cleaned it up lots using the good old M.E.!

Krista said...

Beautiful artwork Mauryn! Just magnificent!

nicole said...

i'm just waiting for that to happen around our house. let me know what works to get it off.

Dave and Jenni said...

That reminds me of Sarah's make-up in the carpet incident with Jack. :) Hope you got it cleaned up!

Lynn said...

I was coming to tell you to try Mr Clean Magic Eraser, but it looks like another wise commenter beat me to it. Really, it works miracles. Hope you were able to avoid painting!