Our Week Visiting Bass Lake In Pictures

 We spent our week:
enjoying the view 
making mud pie soup
building sandcastles
playing in the lake
canoeing out to the island to play/explore
sunbathing (sorry lynn no mom would volunteer for a bathing suit picture):
enjoying the feast of tents with friends
making water rockets
making new friends
playing games
eating ice cream
laughing and being silly
roasting marshmallows
singing for worship
watching movies
making cookies (my little "cookers")
playing the wii
singing camp songs
making lemonade
enjoying time with our friends

* the story of how this visit all came to be coming soon....


Leah in Iowa said...

Sure looks like you all had a wonderful time! Now I'm curious about the story of how you got there. =)

Lynn said...

Looks like an amazing time was had by all. I still read your email on occasion inviting us to "the ranch." I bring it up to Patrick on occasion when we start discussing where we want to take our next vacation. Maybe in the fall?

Pat & Valerie Berg said...

Great Photos! Glad we had time to catch up in our jammies Saturday too!

Denise said...

now your just making me miss you more!

nicole said...

i'm so jealous...glad you guys had such a good time. we've got to get together and sew now...val told me you got a sewing machine!

Sarah Markley said...

wow. i hadn't looked through these yet. miss you.