I love to bake and spend time in the kitchen.

But I don't have a decent apron.

I know, I can't believe I don't have a decent apron either.

But I have been eyeing some aprons created by Lindsey.
aren't they darling?

what about this ruffle apron? so cute!

But I am fairly messy in the kitchen and wanted a full apron.  

So, last week when we were in Bass Lake, I asked Lindsey if she would be interested in creating a full apron for me.  Of course, because she is so sweet, she said yes!

Guess what?  My apron is finished and should arrive on my doorstep in the near future.

The only problem is that it is so stinkin' cute, I might not want to get it messy!  

So, then I might just have to order another one :o)

Thanks Lindsey! I love it.

*if you haven't checked out Lindsey's creative genius, go to her shop and look at her creations. there is so much cuteness to behold.


Joyful Weddings and Events said...

so cute! That little ruffled apron? Yep- it belongs to me :) I hardly ever use it though. It more just makes my kitchen look cute!

Denise said...

love it. would be so hard to use!

Stephanie said...

Man, she makes some stinkin' cute things! I dont' blame you. I wouldn't want to ruin that cute apron either. But you know if you order another one. That one will be just as cute and you'll end up buying some cheap wal*mart apron so that the two cute ones Lindsey made you won't get ruined. What a delima.

Kara said...

Love it!! How much did you spend on something like that? Or did she give you a BIG deal? It is super cute and I better see lots of cookie dough on it the next time I visit. HA!

Lynn said...

So feminine and just stinkin' cute!!!

Susan said...

DARLING>....her site is down for maintenance. Can't wait to see more

ria said...

i just love the colors. so cute.