A Weekend Getaway

When our friends/neighbors asked us a few weeks ago if we wanted to join them for a weekend at their timeshare in McCall, we immediately said yes.

We spent a lot of time doing... not much of anything.  It was nice to sneak away for the weekend and relax with friends.

*except for the first picture, all photos courtesy of my future photographer Morgan.  

the three older kids spent quite a bit of time playing card games
mauryn spent a great deal of time rocking and nurturing her baby "alice"
one of lance's clients just finished a house in mccall and they happened to be in town last weekend.  they invited us out to make s'mores. this is the view from their deck
landon checking out the view
the cool, cloudy weather moved out on saturday night and sunday was gorgeous.  we stopped by the new boardwalk along the lake on our way home.
making a large hole
lovin' the sand and water
the water isn't too chilly
i'll go in a little deeper
i'll go in for a swim
umm,  a little colder than i thought
a quick stop for ice cream at ice cream alley on the way home
notice the bowl of pink ice cream - that is a KID SIZED serving.  needless to say we had ice cream for lunch :o)


Leah in Iowa said...

Looks like you had a great time! Compliments to the photographer! =)

Denise said...

we've had ice cream for lunch (we being US!) did you have french fries with it, it isn't the perfect lunch unless there are salty fries to go with it (and me).

denise said...

I love the new header picture. Was it from this trip?

Jenni S. said...

First of all, Mauryn looks so much older!!!! When did that happen? And second of all, well done Morgan -- she took some great pictures.

Pat & Valerie Berg said...

Yeah - great photos! Mine aren't even close to that good Morgan! I think she needs an upgraded camera now! :) I love your header photo too! Great Xmas Card photo! As always - it was a great weekend because of friends like you!

Lynn said...

LOVE that last picture of Mauryn. Looks like the perfect weekend combination of fun and relaxation.