Wordless Wednesday: Winners

Sarah is sharing the third part of her marriage story here today.  You can go here to read part one and part two.


joy said...

dadrn it! i really wanted to win. oh well. :)

Wife2Jason said...

Yeah! Thanks Kristen! I love your cookies! Yummy. And your assistant is very pretty too! LOL

Todd and Jackie Echeverria said...

Jackie T? not Jackie E? Oh well maybe next time. My husband and I have been working so hard on the house every night after work for the past three months, that I never realized how horrible my posts must of sounded to you, (bad wording). I apologize. We work thirty-five miles away and have to be up at 5:00 a.m. and home after 6:00 p.m. We work 4-10 hour days and I am a little punchy when I get on the computer. Hopefully we will be done with this 4 year house project by the 1st of October. Pray for us please. I really enjoy your blog and hope you will visit mine sometime.
God Bless

Me, Myself and I said...

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Susan said...

another wonderful new pic at the top of your blog...how will you choose for a christmas picture? YOu will have to do what we do and pick a few. SO beautiful