They are Published!

Shortly after we had to put Teagen to sleep, Morgan wrote this poem about him:

Teagen is my friend
When I had a broken heart
only he could mend.
It is him I miss
If only his head I could kiss


She shared her poem with two friends who told Morgan about a local magazine that will publish work by local children.  Morgan (along with her friends) sent their poems off to the local magazine.  This month all three girls had their poems published.  They are so excited to see their work in print!  Way to go girlies!


Rachel Slagle said...

yeah for morgan! how cool that she had her poem published!!

Lynn said...

She is so well rounded. Congratulations Morgan!

Jenni S. said...

Congratualtions, Morgan. You all must have been SO excited to see that!

Short Stop said...

That is AWESOME!! How exciting!