The Challenge

The Participant:  Morgan, age 9

The Challenge: To read the entire New Testament

Why the challenge:  The last two years Morgan has participated in the bible quizzing program at our church. Last year it became a little bit too competitive and intense for Morgan, so as a family we chose for her not to participate this year.  I wanted something for her to do to keep growing in God's word. I thought this would be perfect.   I have been very impressed with her comprehension and retention of what she has read so far.  I love to see her highlighting and finding her favorite verses.  

The Reward:  Since this challenge is BIG, we decided that we would give Morgan a reward.  It is a task that neither Lance nor I have ever done -read every chapter, every verse of the New Testament.  Her reward is a ticket to see the musical Wicked when we go to Seattle.  Realistically she may not finish reading before we go to Seattle.   So Morgan has agreed to pay for her ticket and then get her money back when she completes her challenge.  The way she has been reading... she might surprise us and finish in time.  In two days she has already finished Matthew and Mark. A.maz.ing!

Thanks to Kristen at We are THAT family for the great idea!


Jenni S. said...

What a great idea, Kristen! You'll have to tell me how Wicked is -- every time we go to Chicago I think about trying to see it.

Stephanie said...

If I read the whole NT will you stuff me in Morgan's suitcase, so I can see WICKED too? Good luck to Morgan! How long does she have until you leave for Seattle?

Lynn said...

This is a win/win situation. She does the reading, she gets a reward, but the greatest reward is IN the reading. Great idea.