A Night at The Drive - In

I had never been to a drive - in theater until about a month ago.  Our neighbors had invited us to go along with them to a theater about 45 minutes from our house.   The drive - in shows a double feature and the week we went both shows were kid friendly.  I got the kids in their pajamas (i wore mine too), popped some popcorn, gathered water bottles, snacks, blankets, pillows and we headed out the door.

It was so much fun. The kids were so excited to sit outside in the back of the car to watch the movie.  They loved that they could make a little noise and move around without bothering anyone.  I think their favorite part was getting to stay up so late.  I loved being able to watch the movie in my pajamas, enjoying the fresh air, and being able to bring in our own food. It is definitely an affordable family activity that we will be doing again.


Lynn said...

What a fun summer activity!

Your new header picture is amazing!

joy said...

Sounds like fun! There is a drive-in in the next town--the only bummer around here is that the evenings aren't that warm. But, it's still fun.