It All Started With A Giveaway

Two of my very favorite people are spending the day together today.

I am a little sad (okay I am really sad)I am not with them.

I realized it has been two months since I spent an amazing weekend with them and have yet to blog about how we ended up in California together for a weekend.

Two years ago when I started blogging, I came across Denise's blog through her sister in law Lindsey (who happens to be a relative - and came to spend time with us during the end of our stay in Bass Lake).

I had read Denise blog for a few weeks without commenting until she had a post about sacred moments.  I had commented on her post and won a CD.  This started a blog friendship where we read and commented on each others blogs with an occasional email.  Then last fall Denise and I met over Skype.  We had a great time talking, laughing, and getting to know each other .  During that time I pretty much invited myself to Denise's in laws house in California for a visit.  

It was through Denise's blog that I "met" Sarah.  We were blog friends who read and commented on each others blogs and would email sometimes.  Last year when I went to San Diego to run a marathon, Sarah made a two hour drive to meet me one morning.  Sarah and I enjoyed a beautiful California morning getting to know each other and having a wonderful conversation that did not last nearly long enough.

As I was starting to plan our summer, I sent Denise a message to see if she was serious about an invitation to Bass Lake.  Denise called me that night to tell me that Sarah and her family would be in Bass Lake over Memorial Day weekend if I wanted to come at the same time.  It took me only a mili-second to say YES!!!

It was a weekend none of us would soon forget. It was a weekend that is written in our hearts forever.  It was a weekend where you are counting down the days until it can happen again.  It was a weekend that all started with a giveaway on a blog.


joy said...

What a sweet story, Kristen! I hope you girls get to do it again.

Denise said...

i KNOW i will see you again, and i too am counting the hours. i LOVE you friend. i wish you were with me. and i miss you, not just these few days, but all the days that i am here in cali and you are there in idaho. being with you is refreshing...it is home.