She Turned Into a Little Fish

She went from being a little unsure to being a little fish in the water.  

putting her face in
swimming on her stomach

getting ready to jump off the edge
miss june i want your hand
guess not, i will do it myself
way to go big girl
now from the edge to the diving board
brave girly!
a few shots of morgan and landon at swimming lessons too :o)


Short Stop said...

Awesome, awesome pictures, Kristen. And, they captured so perfectly how much she's learned!

I have two little fish here, too. They are now swimming in the lake - no swimmies or anything, diving with their goggles and scaring me to death! But, I'm SO proud of how brave they are!!

Jenni S. said...

We went through the same process this summer -- terrified to go underwater to jumping in and swimming by themselves. I can only imagine that you have the same feeling of pride that we do. Way to go Mauryn!

nicole said...

that's aweome. glad to see the kids loving the water. fin's loving the water so much i'm looking to find his gills.

Lynn said...

Adeline got over some of her fears this year. Now she begs to go to the pool (where she occasionally puts her face in the water). Perhaps we'll be ready for swim lessons by next year...

Morgan's dive is just beautiful.

Way to go Mauryn! You're so brave!

Oh, and I forgot to mention in my comments on your homeschooling post....the picture of Morgan and Landon is precious!