Dearest Pampered Chef Medium Cookie Scoop,

Making cookies just hasn't been the same without you.

I have missed the perfectly sized and shaped cookies you make. 

But now I have a new you.  We are back in prime cooking making form.  

Yes, I have talked to the certain someone who thought you were an ice cream scoop. It won't happen again.


joy said...

So that's why you're making cookies! It's a celebration of reunification. :)

Rachel Slagle said...

seriously, one of my favorite kitchen items - hands down. i have this one and the small one and together they make the perfect sized cupcake :)

Susan said...

:) love mine too

Denise said...

your funny. thanks for using this scoop for ME!

Lynn said...

I share a love with it's sister scoop that resides at my house. Glad you have been reunited. ;o)