Her New Name

I didn't know her nine years ago when she got into "the biggest trouble of her life."

I didn't know her five and a half years ago when her marriage was about to crumble.

But I know her now.  I know her as a kind, compassionate, real, honest, loving, strong, and brave woman.   

She is someone I am blessed to call a friend.
This week she is going to share her marriage story on her blog. It is a story of hurts and heartache but more importantly it is a story of love, of redemption and of reconciliation. It is a story of how God can heal and how God can change people.  It is a story that is going to touch lives.

Sarah, I am so proud of you for sharing your story.  I love you friend! 

1 comment:

Sarah Markley said...

Thank you Kristen.

You honor me.

miss you.