4th of July in Montana

The last time we were in Montana for the 4th of July was five years ago.  I forgot how the quaint, quiet town of Ennis is transformed into a busy happening town during the 4th of July. 

This year our  friends/neighbors from Minnesota joined us in Montana for the holiday weekend.  It was a whirlwind trip for all of us - early mornings, late nights, and days packed full of fun and laughter. 

The highlights of the trip:
- watching Morgan reconnect with her best friend, Emily
- spending time with family and some of our closest friends
- watching all the kids run and play with no "rules"
- campfire with s'mores
- horseback riding
- exploring new parts of Yellowstone and hiking down to lower falls (and up again with Landon on my back. thankyouverymuch)
- seeing all the buffalo - one month later and mauryn is still talking about them
- the rodeo
- fireworks at the ranch

Once again I took too many pictures to post so I put them into a video.  Enjoy!


joy said...

Looks like a great time!

Lynn said...

1. Mauyrn is so stinkin' cute in her 4th of July dress!!!

2. Morgan and her best friend even look alike!

3. We wanna come. No, seriously. You invited us once in an email, and we have really been talking about it. I started looking into airfare for this fall. We need to talk...

Susan said...

love the slideshow...how do you do that?

Lisa said...

Kris-It looks like a wonderful trip! I love the slide show and the music. It makes me want to pack the car and head west!