A Little Unsure

She's independent. She has an opinion or two.  She's LOUD.

Except at swimming lessons.  At least the first day.  

She was quiet. She sat on the edge and observed.  

She was a little unsure about this whole experience.
As the week went on and Mauryn got more comfortable with swimming lessons we saw more of her personality coming out during class.

By next week, I am sure she will be trying to teach the class. That's how my baby rolls.

what are they doing out there?
i could try to blow a few bubbles
miss june i will try going in the water

did you see me?
i will just got back to my spot and watch
maybe i will crawl onto the top step
see me mom
hey miss june, its my turn
mommy take my picture
i think i have this swimming thing figured out


Lynn said...

Oh my goodness...I could just eat her up!

Sarah Markley said...


except mine was loud the whole time.

that is all.